Sports Rain Man: NFL Eye-Catchers, Dolphins v Jets, Bills v Eagles & Patriots vs Giants

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! BREAKING NEWS: I am losing in Fantasy Football because the opposing players RB dropped a 40-Burger. Anyway…¬† As for today’s topics, they are: NFL Eye-Catchers, Dolphins v Jets, Bills v Eagles & Patriots v Giants
NFL Eye-Catchers (Pretenders vs Contenders)
1) The Detroit Lions are paper Lions. They barely got past the a very weak Bears team and they then lose to the Packers at home. This is not a team destined for playoffs, especially with the Vikings catching fire. They may sneak in but, not sure they will get past first game.
2) The Colts may make the playoffs and it will be due to not getting hurt feelings and re-signed Jonathan Taylor, they also did the key thing and got a top quality backup in Gardner Mildew Minshew. With Anthony Richardson going down Minshew has kept the team competitive and above .500 with a shot at the playoffs.
3) The NFC South is this year’s joke division. It is weird because they have won it more often than not the past 5-10 seasons. There is always a division where the winner barely is about 500 sometimes below 500 and yet they still host a playoff game. The Falcons lead the division and are only a game over .500, they will likely win the division with that game percentage.
Dolphins v Jets
This was always gonna be a mismatch because the Dolphins offense is good for about 20 points a game and the Jets offense can get 10 on a good day. This Jets team spent a lot on Aaron Rodgers and didn’t have a backup plan. Instead of Dalvin Cook, maybe get a better lineman or backup QB? Joe Douglass and Robert Saleh have spent a whole season trying to get by with Zach Wilson – and now Tim Boyle – when they should have traded for a Josh Dobbs or signed a Carson Weintze Wentz. The game went like all the Jets games the last few weeks. The defense did all it could, including scoring a touchdown, while offense couldn’t do anything until late in the games.
Bills v Eagles 
Junior Blaber

The Bills offense looks more competitive but still can’t over the hump as the lost to the Eagles. And in typical Buffalo fashion, they played well and took the lead but couldn’t hold it. They were aided by the fact that the Buffalo kicker missed two field goals. Those misses were at key points in the game and the Eagles kicker kicked a couple of 50-yarders. It was a great high scoring game about yet again and it shows that the Buffalo Bills still struggling to finish games and get wins. This has plagued them all season and will be the reason they miss playoffs.

Patriots v Giants

It is so hard to watch the Giants play. As a Jets fan I was sort of rooting for both teams to lose but then figured that the Giants losing would be better because the Jets would face the Patriots and I could celebrate the Jets winning then. It is also painful to watch undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito run this Giants offense and look so comfortable, as compared to the #2 NFL pick Zach Wilson. And DeVito was sacked six times yesterday but still was able to do just enough to give the defense a chance. In turn, they shut down the Patriots. Dr Hoodie used the backup quarterback because he was still upset with Mac Jones. However, it still wasn’t enough to get them to win. And his damn kicker missed the kick at the end.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney on how much better the Knicks and Rangers are doing.
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