Jason Kelce, Baker Mayfield To Jets, Rugby Star to NFL

NEW YORK, NY – Panic is everywhere in NYC. DOOM is cranking out of every TV, phone, tablet and computer on the tri-state area! Why is this happening? We know Putin and the Russian Navy aren’t storming the beaches of Broad Channel or Bay Ridge. We are confident North Korea hasn’t fired a nuke at JFK, LGA or EWR ( it should be NWK, BTW). Lastly, we are 85% certain it’s not about the chaos created because MTM Management forgot to find a fill-in for the vacationing Buddy Diaz, who fled after the Iggles of Philly phlopped. No. It’s worse than all of the above. The DOOM is all about NYC facing snow flurries for the 2nd time in over 700 days. Run for your lives, New York!!! Before you do, though, let’s talks some sports. Here’s a start: Jason Kelce, Baker Mayfield To Jets, Rugby Star to NFL

Jason Kelce

With all the hype and headlines being targeted at baby brother Travis and his girlfriend for the next 7-12 months (Taylor Swift), the more mature Kelce is likely headed into retirement. If that is the case, let’s all rise and give this guy a rousing, hearty golf clap. On and off the pitch, this man did it right. Dare I say was as valuable as anyone in getting the Eagles to that Super Bowl win? I dare. He has been the rock. The glue. The calm before the storm. Now, at 36-years-old, he’s reportedly hanging up the cleats after a career banging heads EVERY PLAY, at the most physical position in a very physical sport. He’s prepared well for his future, too, teaming with his bro in a very popular podcast. Well done, Mr. Kelce. I wish you well.

Baker Mayfield To Jets

Here’s another guy that I am now a fan of… His move to J-E-T-S, though, is not likely happening because of money. BUT… What if Mayfield was in the backfield for Gang Green this year?  But hey, let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s look forward. I say sign him to a 3-year deal, Jetsies, and have him waiting in the wings for when Aaron Rodgers tears his calf on play 4 next year. Do it. Jack and Coke. Do it.

Rugby Star to NFL

A 22-year-old Welsh rugby phenom and English Premiership Rugby star stunned the rugby world this week, announcing that he’s leaving it all behind to chase his NFL dream.

Watch this for three different takes on this switch:

That’s it for me… race to Florida before you get terrorized by THE FLURRIES.

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