Dodgers Betting and Boogers, Major League Rugby

Why are these guys smiling?!

SEOUL KOREA – This wacky and wild whirlwind 1st weekend kicked off Major League Baseball’s 2024 campaign. It also marked the 4th round of Major League Rugby. And since yours truly is on a farm shearing sheep in 22 degree weather, while Angry Ward gets an Irish tan in Florida (his absence forced a rotation shuffle), we’ll keep this brief. Today’s topics: Dodgers Betting and Boogers, Major League Rugby

Dodgers Betting and Boogers

“PHEW!” That’s the phrase(?) heard simultaneously from Mets and Yankees camps, respectively, re the breaking, can-of-worms controversy hanging over the Dodgers. No, not the stuff hovering over Boogers Boehly – the snot-eating owner. We’ll get to that in a minute. This is about Shohei Ohtani. Steve Cohen and Hal Steinbrenner were [allegedly] seen doing back-flips in their Speedos, thanking the Baseball Gods, for not having signed The Gambler – or at best,  Friend of a Gambler. This is all yet to be determined. But here’s a telling quote from somebody that knows this kind of mess:
“The reason baseball is so concerned is that even with this big shift towards gambling,” says, “is the one thing that can damage professional sports is the perception of by fans that the games are not played on an even playing field, and that the games are fixed.” – Leigh Steinberg

Did the face of baseball bet on baseball? Stay tuned sports fans. Meanwhile, Steve Cohen has dodged what the Dodgers didn’t – including Trevor Bauer – let deGrom go and pawned off Verlander and Scherzer for decent assets. Think about that!

As for the nostril cleaning owner, how does Todd Boehly recover from this on-camera, double-barrel boogie eating? Does this harm the franchise?! You bet it does! The MTM Staff is sending Uncle Steve Cohen Mr. Met mittens to wear to all public appearances to ensure this doesn’t happen to the Amazins.

Now onto rugby… WATCH THIS:

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