Thanksgiving Stars: Jerry Jones, Cowboys, NFL Villains

November 24, 2015 Alan Sternberg 15

ST. LOUIS, MO – Like a State Trooper, you spy in your rear view mirror, getting closer and closer and closing ground fast. Objects really […]

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Tricky Dicks: Jordan, Nats, Cowboys and The Boz

August 11, 2015 Alan Sternberg 13

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – One of the questions that has gone unanswered over the centuries has really never been solved: What is a Dick? No, […]

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Adam Sandler Hanukkah Sports Song and Famous Jews Who Spin Our Dreidels!

December 18, 2014 Alan Sternberg 28

BROOKLINE, MA – Holidays are often comprised of lists. Naughty, Nice, Sugar, Spice, you name it. Everyone makes a list during the holiday season. I […]

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