Thanksgiving Stars: Jerry Jones, Cowboys, NFL Villains

Here come the 'Boys
Here come the ‘Boys

ST. LOUIS, MO – Like a State Trooper, you spy in your rear view mirror, getting closer and closer and closing ground fast. Objects really DO appear closer than they are.  As a fan of the New York Football Giants, you are trained to believe that someone or something is always gaining on you; ready to catch and overtake you.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you your 2015 Dallas Cowboys.

Big Blue (and every other mediocre team in the NFC Yeast)  got off to reasonably strong starts to their seasons, only to come crashing back down to sheer mediocrity. The Giants, Redskins, and Eagles all had a chance to step on Dallas’ throat (more on that in a minute) and put those dysfunctional bastards away once and for all. Jerry Jones and his moron son Stephen Jones chose Brandon Weeden and then Matt Cassell to steer their ship in Tony Romo‘s absence for 7 games.  The ‘Boys played along, losing all 7 games without their QB. The G-Men could do no better than 5-3 in that time while blowing games against the Pats Falcons and Saints.

With a Thanksgiving Day match-up against the undefeated and charging Carolina Panthers, the Cowboys have a shot to get right back in this thing. Carolina is undefeated, and rampaging at the moment. Their QB Cam Newton is an MVP candidate and their linebackers are the game’s bestjones Carolina hasn’t played much all year without a lead. Like that State Trooper in your rear view, it’s become reasonable to fear those Dallas headlights approaching rapidly… just in time to coincide with another Big Blue Collapse.

And while we’re on the subject of collapses, may I introduce a name that has not been mentioned much the past two years when discussing miscreant NFL behavior? Ladies & Germs, I present Greg Hardy. We didn’t forget you, Gregory, nor your upcoming reunion with the Panthers on Turkey Day!

Speaking of dirty birds…

Dirtiest NFL Team is… The St.Louis Rams!  And let’s salute their cheap-shot Head Coach Jeff Fisher, who’s never won anywhere in 16 years of coaching. But let’s not ignore their psychotic Defensive Coordinator Bounty-Gate Gregg Williams! Remember him?  Architect of the most disgusting brand of head-hunting in which he incentivized players to head-hunt. [What’s with these guys named Greg?!]

Look, we can scream all we want about Roger Goodell and the NFL enabling wife-beaters, kid-abusers and the like to continue their careers but… How the frogging bunk tile does Goodell not get crucified for allowing Gregg Williams to coach again in this league?! And it’s on tape! Don’t listen to this with kids in the room… unless your name is Greg(g).

How has Williams flown beneath the radar like this? He continues to preach the same vile, life threatening practices – evidenced by the numerous late hits and head knocks the Rams annually deliver – which are more than any other team.

The focus needs to go beyond just players. Human garbage like Greg Hardy? This creep has no business in the NFL.

Tune in tomorrow for a man that loves Frank Gore’s head, Angry Ward.

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