Big Ben Tuesday: NCAA Tourney Weirdness, a Kappo Kakko Sighting, Yankees’ Rotation Depth, and Giants’ Draft Options

March 23, 2021 Ben Whitney 0

Stamford, CT: There is a lot going on in the world of sports at present. I’m looking at the NCAA tournament, a Kaapo Kakko sighting […]

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Sports Rain Man Rants: Jacob deGrom, Bracketology and #Bagelgate

April 1, 2019 Junoir Blaber 0

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: I am back in upstate New York. I survived my trip to the Bronx, if only just barely. It was great […]

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Ebs’ March Madness Hot Takes: Syracuse, North Carolina, Arizona, Villanova

March 12, 2018 DJ Eberle 0

WEST PITTSTON, PA – Raise your hand if you have a gripe with Syracuse making the NCAA Tournament. Wow. That’s a lot of you. Look, […]

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Dallas_Cowboys troy-aikman-triplets Meet_The_Matts

Cheesy Bruin’s 50 Year Sports Retrospective

July 2, 2017 Cheesy Bruin 0

MARLBORO, NY– Today marks the first day of my 50th year on this earth and when you get to be this age you pretty much […]

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Ebs’ Hot Takes: March Madness, Arizona, Middle Tennessee, Zags-Vandy, Kevin Huerter, Syracuse

March 13, 2017 DJ Eberle 18

WILKES-BARRE, PA – March Madness. It’s finally here! And while I admit I’m disappointed Syracuse won’t get its opportunity to run the table once again, […]

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Ebs’ Hot Takes: Championship Week, Kansas, Mid-majors, Vanderbilt

March 6, 2017 DJ Eberle 13

WILKES-BARRE, PA – Championship week. The best time of the year. Dozens of Division I college basketball conferences are holding their conference tournaments this week […]

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Ebs’ Hot Takes: March Madness, ACC, Pac-12, Gonzaga, Syracuse

February 27, 2017 DJ Eberle 11

WILKES-BARRE, PA – We’re down to the last week of the men’s basketball regular season. At least for the Power 5 conferences. Many of the […]

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Ebs’ One Big Thing: March Madness

March 28, 2016 DJ Eberle 9

BALLSTON SPA, NY – I love March Madness. Don’t you? This weekend once again proved why the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is the best tournament in […]

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Dictators, Derek Jeter, NCAA Tournament Chokers: Lawyers, Guns and Money!

March 22, 2016 Fake Sandy Alderson 23

THE CITADEL, SC – So we’re down to the Sweet 16!  Lots of chalk still left in the 2016 NCAA Tournament too. No George Masons or […]

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Uber Screwed! Seton Hall & Stony Brook and David Wright

March 15, 2016 Fake Sandy Alderson 11

Denver, CO—The Tuesday spot in the rotation here at MeetTheMatts is fraught with peril. A day removed from the weekend, but before the big stories […]

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