Uber Screwed! Seton Hall & Stony Brook and David Wright

usa-today-9179536.0Denver, CO—The Tuesday spot in the rotation here at MeetTheMatts is fraught with peril. A day removed from the weekend, but before the big stories of the week have taken shape-this Tuesday gig is tough. Throw in that I took my first “Uber” ride this weekend and I’m all screwed up.

As Jimmy Fallon as Jerry Seinfeld says...”what’s the deal with Uber? Our whole lives we’re taught never to get into a car with a stranger, yet here comes Uber and we’re hopping in and out-have we learned nothing people!”

Jerry’s right. And the whole Uber experience? Creepy. Give me a yellow cab, a gypsy cab, a hansom cab, an unattractive cab-any kind of cab, really. I find the whole idea of getting into some dude’s Camry a bit disconcerting. And small talk with the guy was painful. I’ll take the train to the plane; or say something if I see something, but I’ll pass on Uber or any of these other ride share services that fake New Yorkers who’ve moved to our town love so much.

Once I got back on the subway my mind became lucid once more and I soon had all kinds of unanswered questions.

When did David Wright become an invalid again? He seemed OK during the postseason. Sure, he throws like a girl now, and has largely become a “punch & judy” hitter, but an entire offseason of rest and he’s not ready to play yet? It looks like the Captain will be lucky to play 75 games this season. Somehow this was kept out of the headlines this winter.                   david

Seton Hall rips through the Big East Tournament and in so doing knocks off TWO top 5 teams. (Nova & Xavier) Yet the selection committee yokels out in Overland Park send The Hall packing to Denver as a 6 seed to face all-time tourney pest Gonzaga. Thanks for nothing.

The mighty Seawolves of Stony Brook also had a fabulous season. Stony Brook won their conference tournament, and are one of the field’s top “feel good” stories making their very first trip to the NCAA tourney. The Golden State Warriors were apparently unavailable to pummel Stony Brook this week, so the NCAA committee settled for throwing Kentucky (aka the NBA’s 31st team) at them instead. Again, thanks for nothing.

I hate talking about the NFL out of season. But I had to throw out the fact that in spite of the $200M expenditure by the G-Men to rebuild history’s worst Defense, I remain critical and skeptical of GM Jerry Reese and the Giants’ organization. I have a sense that they’re still buying the wrong groceries.

Modern Family - Series 06

Is there a better show on TV right now than Modern Family?

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick really playing “hardball” with the Jets? Speculation is that the Jets are offering the QB 3 years and about $25M with about half of it guaranteed. Fitzpatrick is allegedly not budging from his stance that this is not enough dough. If I’m Fitzpatrick and someone is stupid enough to hand me $12M to play QB for them, then I would sign yesterday. Does he know he’s Ryan “flippin” Fitzpatrick? 

Finally, if you haven’t been watching the OJ Simpson trial mini-series, you’ve missed some riveting stuff. In retrospect, it is amazing just how wrong and even clueless the prosecution was throughout the trial. They failed to consider any perspective other than their own.          juice

Come back tomorrow for the Iron Man, the Angriest of all Wards…



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