BOSTON, MA – Starbury made his debut for the Celtics last night. In 13 minutes, he scored 8 points and had two assists and received a standing ovation when he entered the game. A standing ovation. That’s right, a standing ovation. When Terminator 4 comes out (T3 is the one in which Christian Bale rips apart the DP and Arnolod – making his return after giving up politics – looks back on the end of the world in 2010, he will cite the Boston Faithful’s giving Stephon Marbury that standing ovation. Schwarzenaggsrekcjleger will scratch his Barry Bonds-like head and ask incredulously, “Why?! Why would dey do dat?!” Well Arnie, the answer is in Stephie’s post-game quote: “It went the way I was praying for it to go… Oh man, I wanted to cry.” You see, Mr. Governator, The Almighty doomed us all the minute Steph prayed for – and received – that Standing O at the Fleet Center Gahden. Oh, and one final point/question on this troublesome matter: Where and when does Starbury pray for these things?

As crazy as all that was/is/will be, take a look at what transpired this week in Newark, NJ. We are not speaking of budding star, Devin Harris of the Brooklyn/East Rutherford Nets. No. Since we mentioned The Almighty above (literally), it’s only natural to invoke talk of the Devils. Martin Brodeur came back this week and pitched a shutout against Colorado. That is just crazy. To come back and win after three months is unbelievable, but blanking the Avs in the process is the stuff of legends. Congrats to Marty. However, that’s not why we bring this up. Consider for a moment, the case of one, Scott Clemmensen. This guy hoisted Joisey into the ranks of the league’s elite by allowing a mere 2.39 goals per game and accumulating a 25-13-1 record, after the seemingly devastating loss of the All-World Brodeur. And what reward did Clem get for carrying the Devs to the top of the heap? He got demoted immediately to AHL Lowell. And here’s why the NHL and hockey players are so cool in comparison with our other leagues and players; Clemmensen’s repsonse: “Obviously, I was disappointed. I understand the business side of the sport. I understand all the options that were available to the team. I wish there was another alternative, but the situation is what it is. I’m disappointed in this scenario, but at the same time, I feel like I don’t have any regrets. I made the most of an opportunity that I had and I’m not going to take any bitterness with me.” Sounds just like Starbury, don’t he? Scottie, you are the one deserving of a standing ovation. In fact, Matt and I are standing up now. BRAVO! By the way, we purposely swapped Marty into our headline instead of Clem in a subliminal attempt at underscoring our point.

As zany, kooky and nutty-nutty as all that stuff is, let’s wind up (baseball pun) with Jerry Manuel of the NY Mets. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you haven’t yet noticed, this guy is a walking sound bite. In fact, he’s basically Joe Biden. They are both more than a little nuts and that’s what we love about them. Just read J-Man’s quote re the moving of Hip-Hip Jose Reyes out of the lead-off spot for the NY Mets: “I love the energy that Jose Reyes brings but I don’t always like the anxiety that goes with that energy… The game is played at a jazz tune, but he’s running on a hip-hop level. He still can hit the beat at the right time here and there, but I want him to be the best jazz player he could possibly be.” Uh… What?! For those of you as perplexed as we are, exhale – we’re flying Neil Diamond in on the MTM Lear Jet as we type to translate/transcribe. Wow.

That’s all for today. Thank you for your continued support – the numbers are growing significantly and more and more people, while hesitant to chime in, are reading your comments daily. In fact our little Mattville has quadrupled since January – truly Amazin’… Fan Fave Rex O’Rourke tomorrow.

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