Grote’s Gripes: John Sterling Explains Empty Seats At Yankee Stadium

Empty seats at Yankee Stadium

DETROIT, MI –The Tigers take a comfortable 2-0 lead over the Yankees into tonight’s Game 3. I am not counting the Yankees out of this series just yet. I don’t believe they will win but I would not be surprised if they do make a series of this and would not be shocked if they came back. Tonight’s game is critical for both teams. The Tigers have the 2012 A.L. All-Star starting pitcher on the mound in Justin Verlander.  If they lose this one they face the dominant CC Sabathia tomorrow night who may be  looking to tie the series.  Let’s remember the Mets were down 2-0 to the Red Sox in 1986 after losing the first two at home and more recently the Yankees were down 2-0 heading to Atlanta in 1996 before both NY squads won the series.

Sunday’s game: Where The Wild Things Aren’t

It turns out that the Yankees didn’t even sell out the first two games of the Tiger series. Playoff baseball not selling out? What is this Atlanta? I decided to look into the possible reasons for this. Some are obvious but some are not. I believe it is a combination of all things listed below. The last insight in each case is given by the one and only John Sterling.

Ticket prices: Tickets in section 210 were going for $131 and those were rather cheap seats. $300 – $500 tickets are not unusual for the games.
John Sterling: “A Tex message from Teixeira, these prices are too damn high.”

Payroll is too low: Many Yankee fans don’t expect the Yanks to win since this year’s payroll is actually under $200 million. What do you expect from guys like Granderson and Swisher? They are only $10 million players.
John Sterling: “The Yankees are being Cheap-olicious.”

Die-hard fans Cookie & Lori Levine show wear & tear of losing.

Cano-no: Some fans refuse to go to a game until Robinson Cano gets a base hit in the post-season. He is now 0 for 26 and counting, a record for post season futility.
John Sterling: “Robbie Cano, don’tcha know how to hit?”

The team is not likeable: Many Yankee fans are loyal but I sense they are luke-warm on this team.  You have  a terminally unlikeable Raphael Soriano closing instead of the loveable Mariano Rivera and an under performing diva at third base who makes double what Derek Jeter does.
John Sterling: “It’s an A-hole named A-Rod.”

Swisher was a Clown to let his ex-wife go.

The Circus Is Cheaper: If you want to see a clown (Nick Swisher) and an elephant (CC Sabathia) perform the Circus only costs about $25 a ticket.  It’s hard to compete against Barnum & Bailey.
John Sterling: “The Circus wins…Theeeeeeee Circus Wins.”

There were better things to do: The Yankees went up against a Barbra Streisand show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday and the riveting Jets – Colts tilt in New Jersey on Sunday.  No wonder there were thousands of unsold tickets each day in the Bronx.
John Sterling: “Barbra goes Boom.  Babs baby Babs.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for  a man that doesn’t have anything better to do, Angry Ward.

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