Cookie’s Corner: Sports Stuff In My Stockings

Cookie: Sports Stuff In My Stockings.

NEW YORK, NY – Another holiday in the books.  I entertained twelve, baked about 10,000 cookies, went through another bottle of vodka, ran fifteen miles between Sunday and today (Monday was a bike day, Tuesday was a swim day), and managed to keep my two kids alive.  Round of applause.. please.

Santa was pretty good to me, as was Hanukkah Harry. But I also got some other miscellaneous Sports Stuff In My Stockings… some I liked, some I did’t.  Let’s take a look:

My Denver Broncos are 12-3 and have had their division spot secured now for two weeks.  How can this get better? Well, while one of the mini-Cookie’s uncles got him a Cowboys jersey ( Witten), he also accepted that little mini-Cookie is a Broncos fan and he got a Manning jersey for Christmas.

Andruw Jones (who BTW, I hated him before and even more so as a FAT Yankee), was in the news this week.  The day after Christmas he was accused of dragging his wife down the stairs by her ankle and then grabbing her neck and telling her: Andruw_Jones Meet_The_Matts
I want to kill you.”
According to the Associated Press: “When officers arrived at the Jones residence in the Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, they said he appeared confused about what had happened. ‘Andruw did not respond and it appeared as though he was passed out in his clothes,’ the officer wrote. ‘He appeared heavily intoxicated and confused about why officers were standing in his bedroom.’
He was released on bond.

Lots of talk about thirty-three year old Michael Vick being put in this weekend.  I mean, it can’t get much worse for the Eagles and it IS a dog-eat-dog world anyway.  I like this prospect.

Jets mcelroy_concussionJets Drama continues.  Third-stringer Greg McElroy apparently suffered a head injury last weekend and realized the severity while lifting this week. So, that means… Mark Sanchez is in again and my boy Tebow is PISSED.  Now, while I don’t want to pile on Jet fans’ woes, I must say that they really screwed the pooch with Tebow.  The guy brought the Broncos  to the playoffs last year and they can’t put him in to start a game??

Nick Swisher is a Cleveland Indian.  I’m luke warm on this.

Raul Ibanez is a Seattle Mariner.  This makes me sad.  But, it is the season of giving, and my loss is Angry Ward’s gain.

And that’s all I got.  I also would like to say a fond farewell to Jack Klugman and Charles Durning, who both passed away this week. Klugman has a special place in my heart as I watched PLENTY of The Odd Couple as a young Cookie.  I’m pretty convinced it might have something to do with my littlest mini-Cookie being a bit like Oscar himself.

That’s it… Dr. Diz is back tomorrow…

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