Boston Strong???

bos_g_boston_strong_b1_600Boston Strong – We’ve all heard this inspirational slogan used a lot this past week. The NY sports fan will be plenty sick of hearing/seeing the hash tag symbol aside the mantra should a Bruins and Rangers playoff meeting occur.  As a dye-in-the-wool Boston Bruins fan, I’m adding an appropriate question mark in lieu of the twitter sign for all things Bruin to allay any fear Rangers fans may have in a potential match-up.

Before federal and state law enforcement pack up all their gear and haul out of Boston after a successful manhunt maybe B’s management can hire such expertise in helping find the “man” in some of the Bruins roster.

Three tenets of Bruins hockey: toughness, sacrifice and hard work, were on display more this past week by Boston citizens and first responders than the home team has shown on the ice for the last 4-5 weeks.

Toughness has been on the lam for most of the season and more so since fan-favorite Shawn Thornton gave up half a foot and fifty pounds while concussed during an early season fight with Sabres pugilist John Scott. While trying to lift the spirits of the city in the first pro game played post marathon tragedy, the Bruins provided zero resistance to these same Sabres after the visitors took runs at Jagr and Krejci during a late-game B’s collapse leading to a shootout loss.

Another division rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs, entered the season infinitely more tougher and larger with off-season additions and have recently pushed the Bruins around also. Injury to Adam McQuaid and his willing fists, Thornton’s woes and age (35) for an enforcer, and Milan Lucic’s lack of engagement have made Boston weak.  Eddie Shore is rolling over in his grave.

Speaking of rolling over, K-9 units also added to the anti-terror efforts. Two dogs standing 6’2″ and 6’4″ respectively, Nathan Horton and Lucic, haven’t been consistently on guard. Horton has been “dogging it” for most of the year while Lucic is lacking his normal bark and bite temperament along with a stick playing the puck as if it was the size of a penny.  The pair have been sniffing ass akin to the team’s whiff of Canadiens crack all year long.

Lawmen and military defended Watertown and the surrounding area as a team. The Bruins team defense at crucial times of games defends the crease as if they’re skating on water.  Chara is getting beat with regularity and his mates, outside of Johnny Boychuk, have also disappointed.  The front office acquired Wade Redden for “help” is all you need to know.

nhl_i_fans11_600To beat the Bruins is to pressure the puck moving defensemen as he converts to offense.   Playing .500 hockey since March and managing to stay among the Eastern Conference leaders while challenging for the Northeast Division rests with the goaltending tandem of Tuukka Rask and Anton Khudobin. Neither will cover up the teams warts the same way Tim Thomas did in money time.  Boston Strong?  No, the Bruins playoff time will be wicked short this year.

West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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