Baseball Roundup Quarter Season Report Card

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 8.42.13 AMMISTAKE-ON-THE-LAKE, OH – For those not enamored by the progression of the NHL or NBA playoffs, there is an important milestone right around the corner in Baseball… and we’ve got it in our Baseball Roundup Quarter Season Report Card. Right about now is the first time one can honestly peg who the contenders and pretenders are around the league.

BOSTON RED SOX: Contender. Should have seen this coming. Only Bobby Valentine could manage to screw up that job. Bobby Valentine can’t coach. And right now somewhere Short Matt is reading this and yelling at his computer, “Benny Agbayani!” To which I say almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Valentine and Dusty Baker are the worst managers of the modern era.

CLEVELAND INDIANS: Pretender. As soon as these Native Americans play someone decent they will start selling any talent they may have had for beads… or even less valuable, a member of the New York Metropolitans. Also, why are the feather Indians so pissed off about the Redskins being called the Redskins when the Indians name is actually more incorrect? We aren’t in India. They are Native Americans who have… red skin. Thus… Of course this is coming out of someone who thinks Colonel Reb should be reinstated.

Andrew McCutchen, A.J. BurnettPITTSBURGH PIRATES: Contender.  Last year I proclaimed that A.J. Burnett would win 15 games and I was lambasted amongst the peanut gallery on this fine forum. Well, I was right. He won 16 games. This year I am going bolder. Los Piratos will make the playoffs along with the Reds and the Cardinals. The NL Central is far and away the best division in that league and possibly all of baseball.

NEW YORK METS: Pretending to be the Bad News Bears. I tell you what. If John Buck could run the bases every time the Mets had a runner on, that would be more entertaining than than an article about male enhancement paraphernalia… Or would it?

Thoughts? Leave ’em below. And check out Different Matt, tomorrow.

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