Blaber’s Blabberings: Chasing The Dream Or Rooting For A Loser?

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Chasing The Dream Or Rooting For A Loser?

NEW YORK, NY – Not only is yours truly Chasing The Dream but I am following West Coast Craig’s stellar performance yesterday with this pinch-hit appearance. What dream am I chasing you ask? Fair question… I am chasing the feeling that every sports fan longs for: Knowing that your team is the best in its sport.

Now batting... Blaber....

I have only ever had that feeling twice in my life in American sports; 1986 with the New York Mets and 1994 with the New York Rangers. We all love to wear our battle scars and talk about how we loved the team back when they sucked and have been with them forever. It feels nice, right?  You can defend your fan-hood but it can be life-sucking. Just ask any Cleveland sports fan, for instance, if they would trade their earned right to call themselves a long-suffering fan for the chance to see their team win some championships. We’re not talking one championship, but several. Like a Spurs fan who’s team is always in it to the point a bad season is not making the Western Conference semis. Meanwhile Knicks fans are just recovering from the lost decade.

If you are wondering where this is coming from, it is from this past weekend/week. My teams got handed their lunch:

Knicks already eliminated after getting slapped around by Indiana.

Rangers v Bruins: Cheesy Bruin and Grote2DMax can go frog themselves.

The Mets are in a funk but somehow drew First Blood against the Yankees B-Team. Hopefully Harvey get keep it going.

Rugby (for which I write and predict as Rugby’s Rain Man on
USA v Canada – Lost
Kings v Cheetahs – Lost
Blues v Brumbies – Lost
Northhampton v Leicester – Lost
Ulster v Leinster – Lost
Clermont v Castres – Lost
Toulouse v Toulon – Lost

Borussia Dortmund v Bayern MunichLostkinda (my head said Bayern but the heart said Borussia publicly).

College Lacrosse:
Syracuse v Duke – Lost

Why do I always back a team that loses? The reasons vary and, sure, I jumped on the bandwagon when some of these teams were good. But most I just picked as a neutral and lost. Junoir as a supporter is bad luck. For instance, there was a time when the Blues I supported in rugby were the best team going. I started following them and BAM…  they fell on hard times. Dare I mention the Mets???

As a fan, you get sad when a team you sport loses, switch seasons, change the channel and BOOM… another team you support loses! And that’s why I have changed my tune – or altered it at least. Their is no pride in supporting a loser. Sorry Cubs fans, you know you wish your team won.

I remember hearing that after the Miami Heat signed Lebron James and Chris Bosh, they fired their season tickets sales department. Apparently people didn’t need convincing to by season tickets because the team were now winners. This what every fan longs for. Not just the one season Spending Sprees and subsequent Fire Sales of the Miami Marlins, but dynasty stuff – like the 3-peating Lakers or the Jordan Bulls, ’80s Islanders and Oilers or the ’90s Cowboys.

Title 20!!
Man United wins title 20!!

The closest I have gotten is with Manchester United in English and Euro Soccer. I have witnessed them win several English titles, occasional European titles and a World Club title. You feel unflappable; you know people hate you and call you a glory-chaser but you don’t care. I justify my fan-hood with United because it goes back to before they were really big – only top 4 in England. Yet though I’m no Johnny-come-lately, I know how those haters feel. I live it every season as a Mets, Knicks, Jets, Rangers, Red Bull NY and Syracuse fan. Don’t get me started on the Subway Series… So I am glad to celebrate United winning its 20th title. Having supported them since 1994, I had earned the right to enjoy it.  And while I’m not one to switch allegiances, I no longer hate on someone that does.

Go ahead and chase a winner… just not the Yankees.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for a man that will back any loser, Angry Ward.

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