It. Is. On. Rangers vs Bruins: An Original Six Bloodbath

angryleaffanBOSTON, MA – It was a huge NHL playoff night and after the Zamboni dust settled, the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins respectively sent the stunned Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs home. What it left us, asides from a wretched wrecking ball named Alex Ovechkin and some downright impolite Toronto fans, was the stuff of  NHL history-in-the making: Rangers vs Bruins: An Original Six Bloodbath.

Even here, in the comfy confines of Mattville, blood will be spilled. Cookie, Lori Levine, Different Matt and Short Matt are diehard Rangers fans. Cheesy Bruin and Grote2DMax, lacking any taste or common sense, are Bruins fans.

It. Is. On.

While we’re waiting for today’s columnist, Junoir Blaber, to get his ducks in a row, feel free to let your inner Puck flow, below and weigh on your stance. Granted, most of you – like Tall Matt and Angry Ward – are home, squinting sadly into the sun, sipping some homemade depression remedy, hoping that one day… your team won’t be golfing this time of the year. But we ask that you be Hockey Tough, and chime in, eh!

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