Free Week 9 NFL Picks Get You Money, Cash, and Greene

353_0009NORTH SALEM, NY – Sometimes, when analyzing the Sunday NFL football picks, or gifts as I’d like to call them (19-12, 61% – but who’s counting?), it may seem like little sense is being made when arriving at a selection and have been called out on this by some that comment here. Understand nothing but this in explaining my prognostications; I am Fast Eddie Felson when it comes to the Vegas line and it’s all about the mind game within the game. Just frickin’ trust me folks. Here’s the Free Week 9 Picks (gifts).

FAVORITE: Jeez, what a difficult time it was in finding some “chalk” to cover the number today and in doing so, find myself burning the biggest number at -16. Seattle, on a short week after Monday Night’s predicted stink-bomb, return home to face the worst team in the NFC, the Tampa Bay Yucks. Save for the Jaguars, Tampon’s futility is epic amid MRSA outbreaks and disgruntled players. Maybe there’s something in the water down in F-L-A. So long as the ‘Hawks don’t surrender more than 13 or 14 points this should be a winner. SEATTLE -16.Dave_Cash_MON

UNDERDOG: A slam-dunk is this one and maybe even an outright win, bound to upset Suicide Pools and fellow Dallas Cowboys fans.  I can exceed the word count on this game alone, so here are the highlights:
locker room turmoil after the latest gut-wrenching Cowboys loss is like a lingering bad hangover
-there are no leaders in the Cowboys organization to help right the ship
Dez Bryant becomes unhinged around the third quarter
New Orleans and the reunion with former D-Coordinator Slob Ryan is on deck with the Cowboys caught looking ahead
-The Yikes come in looking plain ol’ ugly and won’t capture the Cowboys attention until it’s too late
Minnesota’s awful QB situation gets the elixir of one of the league’s leakiest pass defenses
-the NFL can’t sell another prime time game involving the Vikings (third in less than a month next week vs. Washington) without a pointspread cover or win MINNESOTA +10 1/2imagesCAD5AT3J

UNDER: Betting a side and also the total in the same game is never a good idea because at some point a conflict arises where you’re rooting against one of your bets.  That said, it takes the utmost of confidence in selecting the same Minnesota at Dallas game for today’s “under” bet.  Despite horrible defenses on both sidelines, an equally bad QB and another who picks the wrong time for INTs, both teams can run the ball while Tony Romo runs (for his life) trying to get away from Jared Allen.  MINN/DALL UNDER 48.

OVER: It’s always prudent to find desperation in a team and bet the over.  Today, and at home in Houston, the Texans entertain the Indy Luck Club who boast one of the NFL’s more competent offenses and will certainly put their share of points on the board.  Houston has benched the starting QB, are banged up at RB, and have a lame duck coach.  They’re a wounded animal.  Don’t corner them–they’ll go down with a fight.  INDY/HOU OVER 44.

Tune in tomorrow for DJ Eberle, a man who played on Senior Day for Western New England, yesterday.

P.s… Here’s the only play in soccer history that is remotely entertaining:

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