Winter Blues Ain’t So Bad: Yanks Get Tanaka and Okposo Watches Olympics

winter-snow-storm-nycAlert, Nunavut – Its cold, its dark, and there’s snow and ice everywhere (Seriously, whats with all of the single digit temperatures?). The Knicks are terrible, the Rangers are sputtering, and there’s no baseball. This is the most depressing time of the year. But it’s not all bad. Here are some things that have me less depressed than usual.

Things had been going pretty well for the Rangers lately until they ran into the Islanders Tuesday night. The Isles have turned into a real bogey team for the Blueshirts. They never seem to beat Tavares and company any more. But one area where the Rangers did beat the Islanders was in sending players to the Olympics. The Rangers will send seven players to Sochi while the Isles will send three and a half. Visnovsky was selected but is still recovering from a concussion and probably won’t play for Slovakia.

kyle-okposo-celebrates-jpgKyle Okposo will be depressed since he was left off of the Team USA squad for Sochi. Dan Bylsma probably didn’t select Okposo for the same reason I wouldn’t have. Okposo is a good player that is made to look a lot better by playing on a line with the second or third best player in hockey. But Okposo’s depression has cheered me up a bit. Sorry Kyle.

While we’re still a month away from spring training, there are things in baseball to be less depressed about. First and foremost it looks like we will have a season without ARod. He’ll be gone for this season, serving his 162 plus playoffs for habitually cheating and lying for the past decade. Hopefully he gives up the ghost and retires,  but unfortunately he’ll try to get back on the field in 2015. The Yanks should cut their losses and just pay him to not play baseball. 

masahiro-tanakaAnother thing that has me less depressed is the Yankees’ acquisition of Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka went 24-0 last season with an ERA of about what a subway fare was in 1994. Here’s hoping it translates to success in the Bronx. The Bombers are sure paying him enough. Tanaka signed for seven years and $155 million with an opt out clause after four years. Tanaka will be the ace at the top of the rotation that the Yankees need. They already have a host of number two and three starters so Tanaka is a welcome number one.

With the new-look lineup, Tanaka at the top of the rotation, a (hopefully) healthy Jeter, and no Arod, the Yankees are decidedly better than they were last season. I’m not ready to declare them World Series champions, but they should make a playoff push. And thats enough to make me less depressed.

CarmeloAnthonyThe Knicks are… Well the Knicks are just terrible. Knicks fans should be depressed. This season has been a disaster and it isn’t going to get any better this season. At the end of the season, Melo will opt out and test free agency. That will make a lot of Knicks fans happy. What won’t make them happy will be the Knicks giving Anthony an Arod-esque contract that will keep Melo doing his white elephant routine in the Garden until he’s fifty, or until the city evicts the Knicks and Rangers from the Garden to build a new train station for the sole purpose of sending terrible people back to Long Island and New Jersey.

That is something to be depressed about.

Tune in tomorrow for the MTM Tanaka (a guy who butchers English), Junoir Blaber.

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    • Word on the street was that Del Zaster was a bit of a booze hound and getting him out of New York was as much for him as it was for the Rangers.

      I like the addition of Klein. He’s a defenseman that plays defense.

  1. Klein’s game is full of smarts and grit–something the Rangers desperately need. He’ll win the Garden over with his fighting skills alone.

    • I like the pickup already. It allows John Moore to play his preferred side. And like I said, Klein plays defense. He’s not gonna wow anyone, but he’ll be consistent.

  2. TANAKA!! I like it too Diff! I think you’re more optimistic about Jeter than I am and I’m VERY excited about being A-Roid FREE!!

  3. Healthy Jeter is still gonna be a 40 year old shortstop. Are they even gonna let him play short? Or is he just gonna be a DH who can hit but not really for power. Who’s on Third?

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