More Racist Garbage in Sports: Bruins vs Canadiens and PK Subban

The Frog
The Frog

BOSTON ZOO – Milan Lucic has a profile resembling an Easter Island statue.  Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien looks like The Frog, the main foil of a crime-fighting old cartoon duo called Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.

French Frog
French Frog

These two are just light-hearted observations and harmless to any race, religion or creed (other than the French). But they are polar opposites to what Habs defenseman P.K. Subban, an African Canadian, had to endure on social media after netting the game-winning double overtime goal by what can only be described as Massholes in the truest form of the word.  There’s no sense in repeating the Tweets because you get the idea and that only makes the brave sissies who type these things behind a smart phone or computer feel important.

No matter how big a d-bag, coward or showboat the talented Subban is – if he’s not on your team –  it’s not an opportunity to single out his race; his playing style is evident on every roster.  Do Bruins fans think Brad Marchand is not the same type of splinter-under-a-fingernail type of player to the rest of the NHL fan base?

P.K. Subban

Cam Neely addressed the situation with the utmost of class and denounced the actions of a small amount of Bruins fan’s.  What is troubling however is this being the second time in three years of such social media behavior as the Washington Capital Joel Ward ended the Bruins season in 2012 and got treated like crap due to his race.  Willie O’Ree is the Jackie Robinson of hockey and did so in a Bruins uniform back in the 1950’s.  Anson Carter, now an analyst on various networks, is a former Bruin and Jarome Iginla, a current one, are men of color.  And the topper of it all is Malcolm Subban, a Providence Bruin and goalie for the AHL affiliate of the Boston Bruins, happens to be P.K.’s younger brother.

At times, I lose faith in man and in the wake of Donald Sterling’s recent tirade, I hope these minority of Bruins fans didn’t or don’t judge their own players on the basis of skin color.

p.s. subban vs bruins

Being a fan is supposed to be about the sweater your favorite team wears and not so much about the opponent.  Don’t turn a playoff series into a cheap, under-thought, wrestling script.  Subban’s heroics occurred in the first game of the series and as the second game proved, you’re never out of it when your favorite team shows its heart and mettle – two attributes the Twittiots (Twitter idiots) are sorely lacking.

Enjoy the games and let them breathe on their own.  Show a little class.  Don’t let the emotions of a heated rivalry turn you into a bunch of punks and Neanderthals.  There’s plenty of hockey ahead as the series is down to a best-of-five after yesterday’s exhilarating Boston comeback.  It’s not too late to clean up your own acts and conduct yourself in the appropriate manner and not like a bunch of Philadelphia sports fans on a three day prison work furlough.  Real Bruins fans are better than that and remember the words of Big Papi….

West Coast Craig, flip-flopping with an exam-taking D.J. Eberle, tomorrow.

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