Grinding Ax: I Guarantee Win Tonight Because Rangers Have No Messier

Any Questions?
Any questions?

PITTSBURGH, PAGuarantee. The. Win. These words exude confidence. It takes a winner to dare utter such an arrogant statement… Nah, not really. I don’t believe it would be a stretch if a member of the New York Hockey Rangers stepped up and said it. The problem I see is that the Blueshirts are missing a sweater with a big ol’ C on it. In the words of Karl Malden, “What will you do, what WILL you do?” How about one of you Rangers grow a set (of pucks) and just say it! Who are the nominees? Let’s start with the guys wearing the A.

Dan Girardi is one of the veterans on the squad , a defensive leader who just signed for six years and a cool 33 million.

How about Brad Richards? He wears an A and has a Stanley Cup on his resume. He has been there and done that. C’mon Brad say it!

Then there’s Marc Staal. The youngest of the A wearers, Staal could propel himself into the lead for the Captaincy.  But I’m not seeing it.

imageNow. let’s throw a few more possible smack-and-back-it-talkers who can utter that phrase that pays!

The King, Hank Lundqvist is my choice for this plunge to Broadway brashness! After all, it stops with the sentry of the net. Nobody else garners more fan respect than our Swedish rock-n-roll goal dude. The entire city has handed Hank the scepter and have yet to overthrow him. I think he is growing impatient, as well, so why not? King Henrik, put your money where your blockers are. Say it, just say it.

imageI have one more nominee to discuss. It’s not our little French mouse, Marty St.Louis. It’s our Amber Alert forward Rick “Pocketed The Cash” Nash. Honestly, if the Rangers lose game 7 and he puts up another goose egg, we are going to chase him out of town anyway. His name will be synonymous with poser, choker, etc.

mess-and-the-cupMark Messier had the stones to predict that win in game 6 vs the Devil a Dogs twenty years ago and propelled his team to the Cup and ended that 54-year drought! We are getting mighty thirsty after two decades…. Who do you think should or WILL step forward?

Who will say the words, walk the walk and wear the hat?

Our Big C, Angry Ward, will say it tomorrow. And coming up in a future edition, Small Matt snags an exclusive with Michael Sam’s draft day kiss recipient.

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