NASCAR , USA Soccer, Happy Gilmore: Who Is An Athlete?

Ricky Bobby like USA Soccer?

MANAUS, BRAZIL – As the World Cup of Soccer heads into its “Knock Out“round, The Matts secret favorite sport evokes many a debate over:
1) WHAT is a sport?
2) WHO is an athlete?
3) WHY NASCAR drivers are NOT Athletes?!

There is NO denying, that this kicked round ball is creating a real stir within these ranks and around the USA. This happens every four years when the FIFA Men’s World Cup occurs, putting USA Soccer on the map – at least temporarily.

Soccer is the globe’s number one sport in participation and audience. However, here on the USA soil (real or artificial), it ranks down the list behind Wrestling and Track and Field for TV ratings.

The USA blew a lead with two seconds left to tie Portugal 2-2… for those that couldn’t/wouldn’t imbibe.

There is NO DEBATING thoughthe fact that these guys are athletes. Running, kicking and – diving – for ninety minutes requires quite a bit of conditioning compared with some of the “other”  so-called athletic games.

With that…

Readersstart your engines!  It’s tim to beat up on Nascar and Golf.

Regardless of what they want you to think, Nascar drivers are NOT athletes!  The definition of the word athlete is “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports or games requiring strength, agility or stamina.”

There is no doubt that some Nascar drivers were decent athletes when they were young, but just because they perspire and drop weight during their parade of left turns, itdoes NOT make them athletic! Do you consider a long distance truck driver an athlete? If you have a fast car that does not run out of gas and avoids one of the fan favorite crashes, you will probably finish in the money most weeks… IT’s the CAR people, not the person behind the wheel!

FOUR! Or is it FORE??? image

Happy Gilmore proved that Hockey players can school those mainstream, plaid-wearing dudes on the golf course. How many athletes train to have someone else carry their gear around DURING THE ACTION? WTF!

Don’t even dare to call GOLF a REAL Sport and those visor-clad clods athletes. Once again, I’m sure that some of these lards of the links, played something else in their youth, but until they have to deal with FAN DISTRACTION, I cannot call them athletes or their game a REAL SPORT. I will occasionally stop for a minute on a channel to watch a hole or two and remember Bubba Watson motioning to his Caddy to move the fans that were upsetting his vision… That’s like asking NFL fans to be quiet and still during a field goal. REALLY. SHUSH! I’m kickin’ here!

This is almost as pathetic as watching pro bowlers acting all BADASS.  I do loveimageKingpin, however.

Anyway… Games, sports and hobbies are fun for those who embrace competition and I will salute  anyone who can beat me at foosball , (that’s table soccer) but don’t call these real sports or the enthusiasts partaking  athletes!

Chime in with your take on what is an athlete and what is NOT…Tell those chain-wallet wearing NASCAR fans to  join in , as well.

Tune in tomorrow for our Kingpin Angry Ward’s pinch-hitter, TBD.

P.s… Look for news on Small Matt vs Landon Donovan in a one on one game of foosball.

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