Doc Diz re Nick Saban with the Devil, TCU, Bama and College Picks

nickFORT WORTH, TX – I think Nick Saban is in cahoots with Beelzebub.

How else do you explain their victory last week? LSU holds em’ to ten points…..ten…over the course of the game. With 50 seconds left, the Bayou Bengals kick a field goal to go ahead.

50 seconds. And Bama has no timeouts.

So, of course, they drive down the field, kick a field goal to tie it, and then win in overtime.

Here’s the weird thing.  Even Mike the Tiger, LSU’s mascot, refused to come out of his cage at the beginning of the game.  It’s like a football version of Rosemary’s Baby.  (Just keep Roman Polanski away from those cheerleaders).

Like I said…something funny’s going on down there.


The Prince of Darkness also put a hurtin’ on the Irish, with the Sun Devils (no less) blowing them out in Arizona. Welcome to hell, aka the Valley of the Sun.  It’s exit, stage right, for the Mackerel Snappers from Indiana and sets up a big game between those Devils and the Oregon Ducks for the PAC championship and a possible national championship bid.

All  both teams  have to do is win out.  Both have Oregon State left on the schedule.  Oregon State plays the Sun Devils this week and will meet their arch-rival the  Ducks in the last game of the regular season.  And if either lose to Oregon State…well, it won’t be the first time some young men’s plans got derailed by some beaver.

But, for the forces of good, the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian  put a hurtin’ on K State and the Baptist Bears of Baylor smoked Oklahoma.  Both moved into serious playoff contention.  Onward Christian soldiers.

Well, time will tell. That good versus evil just keeps going on, don’t it?

jesus devil
College Picks to agree on?

This week, several more key games are on tap to sort out the national championship playoffs….

The biggie is #1 Mississippi State against #4 Alabama. Can Satan’s…er, I mean Saban’s….black magic work again? Nah…the hicks from Mississippi State prevail 24 to 20, giving The Tide a second loss.

This should knock them out of the title picture but, Saban being Saban, they might whine and kvetch their way in as a two loss team anyways.  Jerks.

So I hope Auburn kicks their butt in the last game of the year.

The Cornhuskers of Nebraska have quietly gone 8-1 to date and play a two loss Wisconsin Badger team in another key tilt. I always wonder where they grow the humongous O linemen that each of these teams always put out.


If you ever get to see em’ in real life, it just strikes you….everything on them is super-sized.   I mean, they have big nose hair.  Big earlobes.  Big teeth.  Everything is just huge. Guess that’s why they play in the Big Ten.

The game should be a classic slugfest.  Nebraska’s big uglies pull it out 28 to 27.

In another Big Ten contest of consequence THE Ohio State, which is coming off a nice victory over Sparty last week, take on a resurgent Golden Gopher squad from Minnesota who are vying for the division lead. Upset…eh? By the funny lookin’ one.

Nah. Love to see it happen but too much Buckeye, makes it O State 34 to 17.

And Georgia and Auburn square off in an elimination match up down in the SEC. UGA wins it…24 to 20.

Let’s all hope we keep the devil at bay this weekend. Here’s a fix of McMurtry …till next time.

Tune in tomorrow for Different Matt, who is gracing us on a Saturday because MTM Management has it’s head in the wrong place. As a consequence, Junoir Blaber has manana libre.

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