Alex Rodriguez and Cooperstown? Rangers and Cavs Kings

Touché !

COOPERSTOWN, NY – NOT WELCOME TO COOPERSTOWN. That’s how the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame sign should read when Alex Rodriguez is up for election. I’m not sure about what you feel, but it makes me gag when I watch the local New York stations or ESPN report on A-Roid’s latest milestone!


A-hole passes Lou Gehrig on the all time RBI list!” [Puke]
A-Roid passes Willie Mays on the all time Home Run List!” [BARF]

How can we ever distinguish over what is real and what is make believe anymore?

Throughout time, players have always tried to give themselves an edge ( right Tom?) against their opponents.  I’m sure Babe Ruth had some regiment pre-game to hit all those dingers, however, it probably had something to do with some booze and a stogie!  Hammering Hank Aaron, utilized mental preparation by studying the opposing pitchers.  

Barry Bonds used meditation to increase the size of his head in order to get better vision of the ball in unison with his health supplements.  

I find it intriguing that Yankees fans have the memories of amebas when  it comes to this cheater. Every time the ancient John Sterling declares: “It’s an A-bomb by A-Rod!” they cheer the same bum that was banned for a year…..Hypocrites! They remind me of Lepers who lost their morality every time this swine puts up another juiced induced four bagger. I will never mention his name again.

Touché !
Touché !

Rangers Comfort Zone:  Controlled Chaos is the new normal for the Blueshirts of MSG.  How can a team enjoy living on the edge, game after excruciating game?  Alain Vigneault and his star by committee, appear to have the Tampa Bay Lightning right where they want them… the Zone, the Ranger Comfort Zone.  It’s a place that increases Pepto-Bismol sales along with visits to therapists in the Tri-State.  Was last night an anomaly or the coming out party for the Brassard-Miller-Nash line?  While their opponent has ” the triplets”, New York has been depending on Henrik and a variety of guest Stars.

A few weeks back, I mentioned that someone needed to take the lead on this team. I picked Derick Brassard as the possible catalyst. He was simply outstanding, leading his line to a team record thirteen points on Tuesday. Brassard is a chippie player, who stands out for ending up in the Penalty Box all to often, but he has become one of the team leaders in offense.  If he and his line mates can replicate a portion of Tuesday’s production, the Rangers will be heading to the finals. Let’s hope so!

Blackhawks celebrated to that Sam Adams song to force a game 7 with the Quacks of Anaheim. 

Nothing better than NHL Playoffs!

Where's my Cape?
Where’s my Cape?

Lebron James Brown: While I am not a big fan of the NBA or Lebron James, I must admit that he has proven that he can change a franchise, as evidenced with his Cavaliers heading to the finals. After the win on Sunday, the press conference featured the narcissism aspect that Lebron has been known for. He reminded me of James Brown, exhausted on stage, waiting for his posse to drape the cape on him. No need ask. Lebron told the press how he leaves all on the floor! Priceless! Will this be the year that Cleveland finds some sports relevancy? I’m sure Philadelphia is hoping not!

Voice your opinions and come back tomorrow for another edition of MTM bantering with Doc Diz.

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