You Got Something to Say About My Mets Hat Now?

alex-torres-mets-hatEl Barrio, La Bronx -Another busy week has passed by rapidly for yours truly. I spoke at a business seminar, (the 1st Republican debate) helped an old client (Sepp Blatter, who insisted on paying me for helping empty his) and found time to help out Ma Blaber. Still, I do have stories to share about my adventures while wearing my (1st place) Mets hat, Fantasy football and the English Premier League.
                                                                           Mets Hat Adventures: A couple of weeks back, I talked about the reaction I received from a friend after seeing me wearing my Mets hat. This week, I had two such encounters. Early in the week, I had to go by the house that greed built. It turned out it was a game-day and while people mostly left me alone, I was approached by two German tourists. They were curious to know which team’s hat I was wearing. I had to tell them that the Mets were the city’s second team.
Junoir at 7%
Junoir at 7%                                                                                                                                         

                                                                        When they apologized for not knowing, I told it to them in their terms. The Yankees were Bayern Munich, the most dominant team in German Soccer and hated nationwide. The Mets are 1884 Munich and are supported by a bunch of rebels that believe in the team. They are rarely any good and often develop top young talent but have to sell them off when they become too expensive. Their rivalry is way down the list of rivalries in the game.

Later in the week, I was on my way to a couples’ dinner date with my lovely fiance, and I got heckled. As we were in the Bronx, some guy yelled out “You know where you are? Cause if you do, you know that ain’t the right hat to be wearing in the Bronx.” I blame A-Rod. If he had sucked as expected everything would be ok.
                                                                                                       Fantasy Football: Though I requested Peyton Manning in round two of my draft  and Frank Gore in round three, I wound up with Gore in round two. I didn’t notice until round ten that I still had no QB so I had to draft Phillip Rivers. It’s early August and I already hate my fantasy team this season.
                                                                                                                                                                       The EPL: I can’t believe the English Soccer season is starting tomorrow. It got here fast! I had to hurry to put together my EPL fantasy team. Yup, I am that pathetic. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and watch the Man U game on DVR. It will be the highlight of my Saturday. I think United will win the league this year but look out for Diff’s Arsenal.
Junoir at his EPL Draft Party
Junoir at his EPL Draft Party
Loving this time of year! Hope you are too!
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