Are You Ready for Some Football? Matt Harvey vs Fans, Giants-Cowboys

NFL League Headquarters, New York, NY—Tonight is the kickoff of another NFL season! The anticipation is gnawing at the brains of millions of Fantasy Footballers . How appropriate is it that Tom Brady and his deflated balls are featured tonight against Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers?

"Watch that knife in your back, Ben!
“Watch that knife in your back, Ben!

How unusual is it that drones have been spotted hovering over Steelers practice for the past two weeks? Probably just an over zealous fan.

Commissioner Roger Goodell will be absent for the game at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro unless he wants to buy a ticket. Robert Kraft has apparently given his usual seat to the locker room deflator guy.

On the field, the Teflon Pats will exploit a weaker curtain from the Burgh. Big Ben has plenty of weapons offensively to keep pace in the air. Dr.Evil should have enough “intel” to fend off the Steelers.

Sunday Night Football will be especially intriguing as Big Blue attempts to get off the schneid versus the defending NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys. The ‘Boys have taken four in a row and five out of the last six games from the Giants.  It should be a real shoot out between Tony Romo and Eli Gump Manning (insert Big Al’s insult here) featuring two of the best receivers in the NFL. Can Odell Beckham Jr. create highlights to rival those on his head?

Will Small Matt watch this contest 24 hours after his wedding? I remember watching Bobby “Chappie” Czyz battle Mustafa Hamsho on my wedding day in November 1982. Will Chris Christie (Big Al insert insult here) and Jerry Jones share hugs and high fives or will Donald Trump steal those highlights as well?

Concern about the defense?
Concern about the defense?

I will leave the rest of the picks to our prognosticators.

The Harvey Effect-Matt Harvey is finding out the reality of Playing in the Big Apple. Even more profound is the desperation of starving Mets fans who are behaving like an episode of Lost.  How can you go from Hero to Zero so quickly? Hasn’t Harvey been an integral part of the comeback season playing out to shocked fans?

Nobody expected this in May or June. Fans were lighting candles hoping and praying that the Dark Knight would remain healthy in order to look to the future. I think fans and team management do what’s best for Harvey.  Can you blame him or agent Scott Boras for trying to protect that arm which can yield a couple hundred million? We would all love to see the “orange and blue” playing in late October but at what cost?

For the rest of us
For the rest of us

While Harvey, deGrom, Colon, and Syndergaard are pitching well, it’s Cespedes for the rest of us who has added the fire to power this team towards relevance. Sit Harvey until the playoffs. image





Chime in with your delusions and come back tomorrow.

I will be reporting on the shenanigans during the Small Matt Big Wedding .

Coming in a few weeks, my interview about boxing and other sports with one of Jersey’s best, Bobby Czyz, former THREE Time World Champion and expert boxing commentator.





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