How the Mets got their Groove Back and the Keys to Victory vs. LA

mets lastWheeling, WV—While I whistle past the graveyard and await the Mets’ return trip from LA next week, I’m compelled to try figuring out how these lovable Mutts got here.

April-The Mets went on an 11 game winning streak. In many ways, this unexpected streak would set the tone for what was to come. With Miami, Atlanta and Philadelphia coming to town early, the Mets wasted no time in destroying these teams that would spend the entire season as 3 of the absolute worst teams in the game. The Mets even won their first series of the campaign against their nemesis, the Nationals.  April also brought the news that the Captain-3rd baseman David Wright, had suffered a hamstring strain that would sideline him for “a couple of weeks.” (Met code for “we have no clue what’s wrong or when he’s coming back”)

May-still feeling good about themselves, and about that winning streak against the little sisters of the poor, the Mets promoted top uber-prospect Noah Syndergaard to join their already vaunted starting rotation. Noah would not disappoint in his rookie season. Better than advertised, Syndergaard had a great season in which he established Citifield as his playground, and the Mets as legitimate contenders for a playoff spot.

June led to a swoon that carried into July. Night after night, the Mets got brilliant performances from their young starters-only to see games lost when the opponent scored a single run. Fielding literally the worst lineup in baseball history every game, the Mets were doomed to a sickening existence in which their “heart of their lineup” featured the likes of Eric Campbell, John Mayberry Jr. and Danny Muno.                                                                        collins

The Mets’ luck changed when during the last week of July they brought in via trade, Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, and Tyler Clippard. They also promoted top hitting prospect Michael Conforto-who has been a revelation. But none of this season’s success-not one bit happens without…

The Arrival of La Potencia. Cespedes made Terry Collins, the octogenarian who stammers his way through every game, every press conference-a division winning manager. Gone were the Groundhog Day scenes when Collins would trot out the same AAAA lineup and expect different results. He wasn’t just good or even great. Cespedes went on an historic hitting explosion and was the greatest deadline acquisition in the history of team sports. If La Potencia gets hot, they win. Period.

Matt Williams’ utter stupidity. He lost the clubhouse as they say, during his introductory press conference two years ago. His players despised him-and folded like a cheap orange suit. Williams’ in game strategy was laughable; his use of the bullpen made the aforementioned Collins look like Connie Mack.


Being the eternal optimist that I’m known to be about the Mets, I believe the Blue & Orange can beat the Dodgers in the NLDS. Why the Mets seemed to deliberately punt away a shot at home field advantage is beyond baffling. Can’t figure that one out.

Cespedes, Syndergaard, and Familia. These are a few of my favorite things and the keys to a Mets’ series victory.





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