NFL East Shambles and Bobby Czyz Boxing Part II

"Pass the Tobasco, Evander"

PATTERSON, NJ  In Bobby Czyz Part 1 – my chat with the tough-guy boxer from NJ – we spoke about his meteoric rise from local New Jersey “Matinee Idol” to a self managed three-time Champion. Czyz explained the conflicts that exist in the sport of boxing regarding promoters, judges, managers and the boxers that are victims of the game.  Bobby chose to be his own advocate, upsetting the proverbial ” apple cart” by biting off Lou Duva’s control of his future.


In today’s Part II, we’ll get Bobby’s views on boxing’s future as well as Czyz’s favorite non-pugilistic sports. He has been busy since his last bout with Evander Holyfield… and his alleged Tabasco-laced gloves.

"Pass the Tobasco, Evander"
“Pass the Tobasco, Evander.”

I asked Bobby if the fact that most boxing belts are being worn abroad, meant that it’s a dying sport here in the USA.  He pointed out that there are way too many sanctioning entities ie WBA, WBC, IBF, yada, yada, yada, so soon there will be “The Championship of Fifth Ave.” He elaborated that his wife Kimberly Ross, who succumbed to cancer in 2006, once told him, “Every kid walking down the street dreams of being Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali not an MMA fighter.

imageBobby points out that while the UFC fighters have tremendous skill sets, most youth do not have the patience to master all the skills needed to dominate that sport. Bobby stated that Kim’s observation was “…one of the most intelligent explanations of why boxing will never die here.

Czyz is far from one-dimensional. His Mensa IQ has served him well since his retirement. From his stints as a well-respected color commentator for Showtime (a DUI unraveled his relationship with the cable giant), to his obtaining his financial trading licenses, this tough SOB loves to learn. He stated that his buying and selling stocks has created a comfortable life . He can also hold your interest when he explains Mitochondrial DNA, as it pertains to the evolution of mankind. Far from a typical broken-down jock.

When it comes to other sports, Bobby aspired as a child to play football. He has been a Green Bay Packers fan his entire life. Bart Starr is his favorite all-time player and he recalls watching this “larger than life” QB lead his team as a little kid. Why the Packers? Czyz’s grandfather from Orange, NJ loved them, so Bobby followed suit.

Angry_Ward tobasco
A-Dubya’s Hot Sauce?

As for baseball, it’s the dreaded Yankees. When I mentioned the Mets run, he said, “It’s like Elvis and the Beatles, you can’t like both, so as a Yankees fan, I cannot root for the Mets.

The New York Rangers are Bobby’s favorite hockey team, although “this learning thing” is taking up most of his time.

What’s next for Czyz? 

A move to the Los Angeles area and another run at the boxing commentary thing is what Bobby told me. He hopes the sport he rose to the pinnacle of, despite it’s corrupt system, will get him behind the microphone again; explaining in detail what goes on in that ring while pulling NO punches. As far as I’m concerned, boxing needs some unfiltered Bobby Chappie Czyz telling it like it is.

Now for the pigskin.

imageNFL EAST [Least]   While our own Big Al Sternberg would love the fact that Bobby Czyz told me that he: “… will never root for the Dallas Cowboys because who are they to call themselves America’s team,” the fact is that they are still ( barely) alive in the most schizophrenic division in pro football.

With the Giants defense allowing more opposing players across the goal-line than our border by blowing tackles on illegals, they are only two games ahead of cellar-dwelling Jerry’s Kids. The Cowboys do have, as we say in hockey, a game in hand. With the Redskins looking at a loss to Dr. Evil’s Patriots, Cowboys win over the Eagles of Philthydelphia would propel Dallas into second with a 3-1 division record.  That’s just pitiful !

Gump and Company should defeat the Bucs and Jame-is Winston, but Big Blue Football is a box of chocolates……

Chime in with your delusions and come back to another pithy opinion laden edition of MTM tomorrow.

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