Why Wait? Giants Must Clean House! Now!

TCIt said right here in this space three weeks ago that Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese, and Ben McAdoo had worn out their welcomes. Was I wrong? I don’t think so.

When the New York Football Giants lost on Sunday to the Jets, it was the 5th such loss in which the Giants led by at least 10 points in the 4th Quarter this season! This loss was the 4th loss of the year in which the team held the lead with less than 2 minutes left in the game.  These numbers are stunning. They sound made up. There is no precedent for this type of incompetence; this type of buffoonery.

Whenever Coughlin’s future is discussed there are always the requisite platitudes about his character as a man and his class. None of this has anything to do with him personally. The old Coach though, has lost this team. Lost them 3 years ago.  He’s been given 12 seasons as Giants HC. We know all about the Super Bowl victories. All about the 5 playoff appearances. Although in 3 of those 5 appearances, the Giants were “one and done.” The only postseason victories as Giants coach were in the 2 SB years.                                                                  new-york-giants-24x36-wool-dynasty-banner-5-t597266-500

And for those 2 Super Bowls, Coughlin has been richly rewarded-monetarily and in stature and legacy. Why is it that it is not the “Giant Way” to dismiss Coughlin as Coach before the end of the  season? No one you or I know would be given the courtesy of a full year before being terminated. No one you or I know has made tens of millions of dollars as an NFL coach.  He has been rightly honored and compensated, and given that he no longer brings excellent performance to his job, he should be terminated immediately. 5 Blown double digit blown leads in the 4th Quarter should not buy anyone “courtesy” to complete another lost season. Get the re-build started now.

Ben McAdoo is making no one forget Kevin Gibride, the 2 time SB winning Offensive Coordinator. When the Giants need that 1st down in the 4th Quarter seemingly every game to ice away a victory, are you confident that McAdoo will make the right call? Me neither. Bring back Gilbride. Maybe even as HC of the NYG.

Giants Offensive Coordinator Ben MacAdoo
Giants Offensive Coordinator Ben MacAdoo

And finally Jerry Reese. An under the radar move about 3 years ago saw an assistant Giants GM named Dave Gettelman take the reins as GM of the Carolina Panthers. Yes, the UNDEFEATED Panthers.  The Giants organization-often loyal to a fault, hitched their wagons to Reese, and after 4 poor drafts and terrible free agents signings, the Giants have huge holes while Carolina is primed for a Super Bowl run. Back up the truck. Load it up, and get these antiques, these broken down pieces out of here. No one’s on scholarship. No one’s being disrespected. It just isn’t working any more. Do it now.

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