Headless Giants Not Found in Topless Bar or Anywhere Else!

TENAFLY, NJ – I want to thank Ray Lewis for providing the perspective needed so that we can all view OBJ-Gate in the proper light.  The two-time Super Bowl champ and Canton-bound Lewis admonished Beckham over his on-field meltdown against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. Because what says sportsmanship, and self control more than a guy who participated in a gang murder while celebrating a Super Bowl?

“Bro…you went too far!” –Lewis addressing OBJ during the ESPN telecast of Monday Night Football.  Lewis advocated for Beckham settling the score AFTER the game. At a post-game party, or in the middle of the rough streets of East Rutherford:  Bro… use my shiv… the blood stains are mostly gone. Cut that M-Focker up, bro! No one disrespects OBJ. They called you a f*ggot… cut them. But not on the field bro!”

Would the Tuna have allowed this?
Would the Tuna have allowed this?

To be fair, that’s better advice than what Beckham received from either Dinosaur Tom Coughlin (been calling for his head since week 10) or franchise QB Eli Manning. Neither man felt it was important enough to pull the kid aside and read him the riot act about how he was killing (sorry, Ray) his team with his behavior during the game.  Coughlin admitted as much, when he was speechless when asked how he could have left his young star in the game in the face of several felonies being committed by the kid. But there is also this. Apparently before, during and after the game, several Panthers players questioned Beckham’s “manhood.” Repeated anti-gay slurs hurled relentlessly at OBJ.  He’s a 22-yearold kid and not one teammate had his back through it all. Not one.

Coughlin didn’t even think OBJ needed a stern “talking to” while his antics carried on unabated.  So when asked yesterday about whether he had considered pulling him out of the game, the Dinosaur was incredulous. “No, I’m trying to win the game!” That’s a hell of a support structure the Giants have in place to support their best player.  Not one veteran player; not Hair Club Ben McAdoo, not the HC of the NYG thought about the “team” enough to put a stop to it. Coughlin wouldn’t even sit him one series!  Clueless “architect” GM Jerry Reese was his usual missing self in the face of all of this. Not one comment from Reese. Or from John Mara, the blue blooded owner of Big Blue, who is fond of using words like “people will be held accountable…or this is unacceptable. Or this is NOT the Giant Way.”                                                                                                                                             obj

There is no “Giant way” anymore.  That became clear when their franchise player was under enemy fire, and no one would join him in the foxhole. This Giants organization has failed its best player, its chances of success, and its fans.

Come back tomorrow for @Angry_Ward, who’ll be posting and tweeting from God’s Waiting Room.


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