Renegades of Funk, Jonathan Lucroy, Tony Dungy, Reggie Bush

Tony Dungy
Jonathan Lucroy
Jonathan Lucroy

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – I was actually on my way back to the Bronx as I typed this. Had a baby shower in Buffalo to attend – our own – and start a new job on Tuesday. Apparently waiting for MTM to be my full-time job will be yet another dream deferred. Anyway, today I’ll name a new Song of the Week – no politics… just decided it’s my new schtick; like DJ’s insane talk on Hot Takes. After the SOTW, we will get to the “award-winning” sports coverage you came here for. The topics are: Renegades of Funk, Jonathan Lucroy, Tony Dungy and Reggie Bush.

Let’s start with current events…

Renegades of Funk: I have touched on politics here and there but my song of the week is Rage Against the Machine’s Renegades of Funk.This is because this election has taken two years and I just heard we have 100 days to go. What in the actual heck is going on?! It has felt like forever. I thought about Rage as the conventions were going on and I remember how before they released Renegades, they held guerilla concerts outside the conventions was a sign of their tiredness of politics. We can all relate to that. Take a listen…

Now for the sports…

Jonathan Lucroy: The very sought after All-Star catcher of the Milwaukee Brewers was expected to wave his trade veto clause and go to the Indians. However, like any smart man, he decided to avoid Cleveland and veto the trade. Now, Milwaukee is Cleveland North, so I am not saying he chose to stay in a better place. But when you are top player and teams want you, why not tell your front office, I want to go to better place to live and more media coverage, like say New York. The problem is one of these better locales have to be willing to cough up the prospects needed to accomplish the deal. As a Mets fan, I have no doubt Lucroy would be the right tonic to the weak hitting that ails them. However, I have no hope that Mets management has the competency to pull of the trade and avoid getting stripped naked in the process. And sure enough, right after this piece was submitted, Lucroy was traded to Texas. No surprise, really.

Tony Dungy
Tony Dungy

Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy:  The weekend that just passed will be the last one without football for next 6 months. That is an insane fact. The kick-off to the pre-season is the Hall of Fame Game. This year America’s Dad, Coach Tony Dungy, gets inaugurated. Dungy is known as a “dad coach” because he carried himself like that. Tried to mentor players and was a consistently calm guy. His lack of emotion was a knock by some players but more than enough players and coaches that worked with him loved it. Dungy believed that as long as he stayed calm then it was going to keep everyone calm. It also made the moments he flipped out more important. His success and admirers from legends, to Pro Bowlers, to coaching disciples, agree that it’s a trait that makes him human and unique. The man’s composed nature defined him and is the reason he will become a Hall of Famer.

Reggie Bush: The complete antithesis of Dungy is current Buffalo Bills head coach, Rex Ryan. It appears the latest player to join the Buffalo Zoo is Reggie Bush. The player will leave Detroit where he had an okay season for the Lions. Bush will never match the hype he had coming out of college but he has forged a decent career. He will be useful… if Rex stays out of the offensive meetings.

That’s all I have… Please come back tomorrow for Marble Hills’ Dad, Angry Ward. And feel free to leave your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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