New Edition, Michael Conforto, Ben Simmons and Dumb DeMarcus Cousins

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – These last two weeks have been ridiculous in terms of my non-MTM job. I was actually happy when I got the email to be Pinch-hit Matt again. I realized that other than this wonderful website, I hadn’t look at  a sports page in weeks. However, we’re back here together and all is good. In keeping with my new routine, you get a Song of the Week before I get to the Sports Stuff.  So here is today’s menu, New Edition, Michael Conforto, Ben Simmons and DeMarcus Cousins.

Let’s begin with the music…

Song of the Week: I made time over these busy two weeks to watch “The New Edition Story.” If you don’t know of New Edition then most likely you are a white person. Not trying to be racist but from early 1980s to Mid 1990s, they were the premiere R&B/pop group in America, and definitely in Black homes all across America. Their first producer who ripped off those young boys because they were a couple of poor kids from the Boston Projects helped create New Kids On The Block. They had so many huge hits as a group and as individuals it, was tough to pick.. but I’m going to pick the key song from the album that is still kept in my Momma’s house.  My Song of the Week is the New Edition classic: Cool It Down!

Now for the sports, kinda…

Mike Conforto

Michael Conforto: There will no jokes about his mother here (pictured below). I can assure you of that. In the early stages of  spring training Conforto appears to have upped his game. The ball is really popping of his bat. Young Mike seems to be making a real push to never ever have to platoon at in the outfield ever again. He is showing great signs of a guy who wants to be the best and be a true team leader. As long as he doesn’t develop a weak back, a la David Wright, he should be the future captain of the franchise.

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons: It is a tragedy that the 76ers get first round picks. They have used their last three picks on centers/power forwards. So this past year they choose the number one player in America and a small forward. Though he doesn’t help the overcrowding in the front court, the belief was he was going to make the team incredibly better. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned. Simmons got hurt in pre-season in October and needed foot surgery. The belief was he would return at some point this season. Well more bad news as that idea was put down like a sick dog. Simmons will not play at all this season. So we will have to wait til next year to see if this kid is the real deal or another bust.

DeMarcus Cousins: So this guy has two superlatives going for him: the biggest crybaby and dumbest person in sports. The Sacramento Kings kept the talented Cousins over the wishes of former head coach George Karl – so they are dumb-dumbs, too. Cousins is so stupid he made the Kings cancel their celebration of Chinese New Year last season because it was the year of the monkey and he tweeted “he thought it was wrong to give away towels with monkeys on it during Black History Month.” Then, after he found out he was traded, he was crying that he had just talked to Vlade Divac and was texting the owner. Between sobs he said the organization was made of cowards because they didn’t let him know until late that they were trading him. Welcome to pro sports dumb-ass.

That’s all I have… Please feel free to leave your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for our drunken bus driver, Cheesy Bruin. You can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts, Instagram -@MeetTheMatts and FacebookMeet The Matts.

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