Grinding Ax Friday- NBA/ MLB All Time Greats

“Not Gonna Do It. Wouldn’t be Prudent”

WASHINGTON, DC – It would be way too  easy to start another political discourse today. I’m NOT gonna do it! Let’s have some good ole fashioned SPORTS DEBATE.

The best NBA team in history? That appears to be a popular discussion during the current playoff run for the Golden State Warriors. Every talk show prognosticator wants to compare this team with the Michael Jordan Bulls, Larry Bird’s Celtics or the Magic Johnson-led Lakers. Allow me to throw in the 1971-72 Lakers who were stacked with Wilt Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich, Elgin Baylor, Happy Hairston and Jerry West.  This team won thirty three straight en route to a 69-13 record and a championship at the expense of  Buddy Diaz’s New York Knickerbockers.  

and the winner is…

My vote goes to the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. At 72-10, this team was simply dominating.  Michael Jordan was and remains the BEST basketball player of ALL TIME. Not LeBron James or Stephan Curry or Kevin Durant.  Jordan brought the game to another level of play implementing athleticism never seen before. He proved that man can fly. I was fortunate enough to watch him play in person over twenty times.  He would practice his famous fade away shots for fifteen plus minutes after the rest of the team hit the locker room pre-game.  His desire to take the last shot in BIG GAMES was due to a confidence that many stars lack at crunch time. James is a beast. No argument. His weakness is evident at those moments when it’s down to a single shot. He got “Trumped,” (couldn’t resist) by Durant in game three. Plain and simple. He looked to dump the ball off over and over again and it proved costly.  What do you think?

Best MLB Manager- This can be very subjective based on historical records,  depth of team pockets and strategic moves.

I immediately eliminate pre 1960 teams based on the lack of diversity in the league along with only sixteen squads competing.

Put that in your pipe…

My pick is George Lee “Sparkey” Anderson.  Sparkey won three World Series with two teams in both leagues. His teams were in small markets without the luxury of outrageous payrolls.  He managed the game. His “Captain Hook” sobriquet, is proof that he was ahead of his time. He managed decent, not dominating pitching staffs that won big games.

Joe Torre ?  Not even in the top ten. He was handed the best team money could buy. Can youremember any epic moves that he made to win a ring? Me either.

Best Rugby player of All Time- Nobody Cares?

Best Basketball Is Kicks?  Jordan’s or Lonzo’s Z02 

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