Mr. Met Fired, LeBron James And USA v Ghana

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – The problem when you are a pinch-hitter is you can’t call your own number. You have to sit in the dugout and wait until the Manager tells you that you are up. This is good because you don’t have the regular staff member stress, but sometime like this week, it is frustrating. I had most of today’s piece all typed up in my head since last week but I had to wait until I got the call to pinch-hit. Now we are here though so it is time to use my new regular formula: a Song of the Week before getting to the Sports Stuff. The Sports stuff this week will be about Mr. Met Fired, LeBron James and USA v Ghana.

Song of the Week: Some songs never need to grow on you. You hear it once and know it is damn good track. I was watching the show “Survivor’s Remorse“, created by Mike O’Malley of Yes, Dear fame. Click the link to see his face and you will remember the guy. The show is Executive Produced by LeBron James and is about the ups and downs of a young pro basketball player and his insane family. The show is pretty good and in the first episode there was a great track at the start and end of the show. Since we live in the information age, I used Bing and found out the name of the song and the artist. All I have to say is when  the hook for the song is “I just want to play around living like a child with some old tunes on my walkman, some sour patch kids and coke can…” you know it is gonna be fun. The song is by Sour Patch Kids by Bryce Vine. It is well worth a listen.

Mr. Met Fired: I have to stand up for a good friend here. Mr. Met has been fired for being a little too metropolitan New York to some fans. To be fair to the guy the heckling was out of control, then apparently someone he personally knew insulted his mother. I don’t know where you jamooks are from but that is not acceptable in NYC without a compulsory For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge to you good sir as a response along with some other special adjectives added on for seasoning. We can also bring up the fact that Mr. Met works in a hostile enviroment created by horrible owners of the organization leading to a horrible medical staff. The guy literally knows he can’t get injured or sick on the job, because he may end up with a misdiagnosis and die of something curable. On top of this, rumor has it Cheesy Bruin has been trying to take his wife Mrs. Met from him. You have to cut the guy a break at some point. I choose this to be the point.

LeBron James: I use to give him a lot of shtick but I have turned the corner on him. He will make more NBA Finals than either Kobe or MJ. He may never win 6 though, which will always be lauded over him. He has been unfortunate to run into another top player with a better team for parts of his career. See LeBron’s biggest problem is that he has never had the help his finals opponents have had. Remember Kobe had Shaq for 3 and then Pau Gasol for the other 3. When Jordan left, Scottie Pippen carried the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals with help from Toni Kukoc. If Lebron left Cleveland does anybody think Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are gonna lead them to the finals? Now besides that, the thing no one notices is how awesome he is off the court. Not a hint of scandal like the other two and the only complaint you can have is “The Decision” which help fund a boys and girls club by the way. Beyond that he has been active in social matters and using his considerable weight to speak on social justice issues. MJ decided he couldn’t risk his paychecks. LeBron is just a better player and person than those two.

USA v Ghana: Ok, I just found out that USA Soccer is gonna play a friendly against Ghana in Hartford, Connecticut on July 1st. I think that would a great day for an MTM gang field trip. Let’s do this guys! Who is in? All are invited, staff and readers.

That is it for now, you can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram – @MeetTheMatts – and Facebook Meet The Matts. And come back tomorrow for a man who is trying to woo, Mrs. Met, @CheesyBruin.

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