NBA Finals, Curry and Durant, My Masahiro Tanaka Rant and Who Is P.K. Subban?

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – Why does the NBA Finals have to start so late? I have an article to write and I would like to finish it before 10pm. Not sure if you feel the same way but generally I would like to be asleep before 12:00 am, especially when I work the next day. Some will call it an east coast bias but I don’t care, I want to watch my sports and also have a good night of sleep… is that too much to ask for?

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James have to feel dejected after three straight losses to the Golden State Warriors. This coming after the Cavs basically ran through the east with such ease. James and co. find themselves in a big hole and know they need to win their next game at home to have a chance in this series, lose one more and your toast. The pressure is surely on James because the Warriors won the games they were supposed to win plus game 3 at Cleveland. This is no time for moral victories, Lebron needs his team to come out and play a complete game, on defense and offense. With the way the Warriors are playing, that may not be possible but this is “Believeland” so anything is goes.

Curry and Durant vs the World? Lately it seems anyone with a microphone has debated whether Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant can become the best duo in NBA History. They have been together for a total of 3 games in the Finals and people have already become irrational. The media are comparing them against duos like Jordan/Pippen and Magic/Kareem… can we at least let them finish the series before we start anointing them the greatest ever? Both Curry and Durant are headed for greatness, especially if they can keep this core intact but it’s way too early. Let these guys build a resume together before we start comparing them to the legends of the game. I’m not saying they won’t make a claim at some point in the future but right now it’s definitely too early to have that discussion… They sure are fun to watch though!

Now on to my Masahiro Tanaka rant… On Tuesday, the New York Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka threw up another stinker against the hated Boston Red Sox. This can’t be good for a team in 1st place playing .500 baseball the last month or so. The Yankees need Tanaka to be the Ace of the staff to keep pace with a surging AL East and right now he is pitching them out of games even before they come up to bat.

What do you do when one of your best pitchers is pitching like your worst? You shut him down of course!  If you have been a Yankees fan these past couple of years, you know by now that Tanaka pitches better when he gets more than 5 days off. It’s one of those annoying things that Manager Joe Girardi has had to deal with to get the most out of him. For the past two years, they have made sure to give Tanaka an extra day of rest whenever possible and he has gifted them some really good performances because of it.  Now is the time to shut him down for a month before this becomes a season long thing, the Yankees will need him at his best if they expect to contend into September.

Who is P.K. Subban?

I don’t know much about P.K. Subban but somehow I love this guy. It all started when ESPN ran a piece about his trade to Nashville. I never watch anything Hockey but caught myself interested in his story. He seems brash and confident, all traits I like in an athlete and someone the league should market the hell out of. He is perfect for a league that needs more exposure as he is great on the mic and funny to boot. The spat with Sidney Crosby was hilarious, if not hard to believe but who cares… it was funny and I like funny. I’m hoping this series goes 7 games because I want to see/hear more of him… I need more Subban!

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