Mayweather vs McGregor Presser and My Thoughts on the Hardaway and Baker Knicks Signing

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – Just my luck! I get stuck with the rare day of year when no professional sport is played (NBA Summer League doesn’t count). Due to the All-Star break baseball doesn’t resume until Friday but it’s my job to entertain you so I will try to give you a little bit of this, some of that and a whole lot of nothing. Bear with me please.

I want to start with something that totally surprised me… Floyd Mayweather genuinely seemed stumped as Conor McGregor fired shot after shot at their press conference for their upcoming boxing match. I’m not sure if that was because Mayweather hasn’t fought in years or that he finally found someone that can actually out-talk him. I know this is the first of many press conferences but Conor definitely got under his skin and it showed. I still don’t believe the nonsense that this will be a good fight but I definitely like all the trash talking… with possibly two of the best ever when it comes to boosting, I expect more fireworks to come.

Now I want to discuss something that didn’t surprise me… the New York Knicks spending lavishly on a player they didn’t need, Tim Hardaway Jr. I don’t want this to seem like I’m thrashing the guy because any athlete should get whatever they can from an organization but 71 million! How many blunders can one franchise make? For a team that should be rebuilding, you give a player you traded away (two years ago) a 4-year contract but let Justin Holiday leave to the Chicago Bulls for 9 million over 2 years? If It’s not hard for me to understand why you should go with the more cost efficient player in Holiday, why can’t this organization see it? No, that’s not how the Knicks work. They spend the same amount of money that they could’ve used to sign Holiday and give it to Ron (Freaking!) Baker. You can’t make this up!

There is no question why this franchise’s management is talked about as the worst in the league. They continue to have no clear leadership and no direction yet Jim Dolan has the audacity to keep guys like Steve Mills and others around. People in the media call it loyalty but it’s clearly stupidity… don’t be surprised when they trade Carmelo Anthony for a bad haul that will leave this team with no one that can help this year or in the future. It’s really a hopeless feeling as a Knicks lifer because one week they’re making the great decision to fire Phil Jackson yet leave the team in the hands of Steve Mills, who is no better. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry and that in itself is the life of a Knicks fan.

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