Those Unpredictable Jets, 2017 World Series Hiccups, KP da God

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS  – Damn! Junoir Blaber here, back at again with these Saturday pinch-hits! Who else but me would say yes to an offer to pinch hit. Anyway, I had to because there was a couple of things to talk about anyway, so I was excited to get the call… On tap today is my tried-and-true formula of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff. The latter will be about the Those Unpredictable Jets, World Series Hiccups & KP da God!

Song of the Week:  I haven’t been listening to a lot of music lately and when I have I made the mistake of listening to pop radio. The state of music is in terminal decline is all I have to say. In search of a music song for the week, I turned to my great muse, my daughter. She was being a handful to fall to bed but as soon as I played some Daniel Tiger she behaved. So I went looking for other songs to help calm her down and I knew the playlist I wanted because it was one of my favorites. Take a listen to… Somewhere over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Take a listen and enjoy the track.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Those Unpredictable JETS: I am not surprised by the NY Jets performance on Thursday night. They had blown their third straight game after horrible fourth quarter performances, including the loss on Sunday at home to Atlanta. They were on a short week and really desperate for redemption. Enter the DJ Eberle Buffalo Bills. They were coming off a big win in Oakland on Sunday and traveling again on short rest to meet Gang Green. I know the loss hurt Bills fans because it was their one big national TV match of the year. In their coming out party, they stunk up the joint. Not to mention, the NFL Network had their “A Football Life” biography show focusing on Jim Kelly’s life after the game. My wife was like it was perfectly set-up for the Bills to win. I thought nothing would better define the Bills and Kelly than losing a big game like that before his bio show. The Jets continue to show that they will be a 6-10 or 7-9 team that just misses the playoffs despite having no QB.

The 2017 World Series: All in all, it has been a great 2017 playoffs for Major League Baseball. However, we did have the botched issue of Yuli’s inappropriate actions towards Darvish. Yet, one could say that what was really inappropriate was Darvish’s pitching performance in Game 7. After the incident and a bad outing in Game 3, you would think the kid would bring hell with him but he didn’t and he put his team in an insurmountable hole. Houston winning makes it a feel good story after they were hit by Hurricane Harvey. Baseball also had the pleasure of the 4 largest cities in the country playing in the division championships. The Yankees had a good run and that is always good for MLB ratings. This was the best postseason MLB could have asked for.

KP da God: It was evident in his rookie year that Kristaps Porzingis was not gonna be a bust. But he was raw. He needed time to mature and Melo to stop ruining things and leave. Now that it is his team, he has shown that he is learning to be the man. It is a key period in his growth but right now he stands to be the best white big man since an in-his-prime Dirk Nowitski and possibly the best big man NY has had since Pa-Trick Ewwwing (said in Marv Albert voice).

That is it for now, you can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram – @MeetTheMatts – and Facebook Meet The Matts. And come back tomorrow for our best big white man, Cheesy Bruin!

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