Big Ben Tuesday Comings and Goings: Bye McAdoo and Reese, Hello Boone

Big @benwhit8 Tuesday: Bye #McAdoo and #Reese, Hello #AaronBoone
Boone bomb

Stamford, CT: Big haps around town. The New York Yankees hired a skipper and the New York Giants sent a coach and a GM packing. Let’s take a look.

The hair killed him

McAdoo About Nothing

I spent Monday morning hitting refresh on my browser until the happy news finally came. Ben McAdoo’s tenure was the shortest of a Giants’ head coach in 85 years. Yes, Ray Handley lasted longer. I’ll need that key card now, Mr. McAdoo. When your team has no interest in tackling, it’s time for a new coach.

I have so many questions. John Mara claims the reaction to McAdoo ending Eli Manning’s streak had nothing to do with the firing. Yeah, and the guy on the Access Hollywood tape wasn’t Trump. They should’ve just fired him last week. And tell me again why Davis Webb wasn’t out there? Geno Smith played exactly as one would expect. It turns out that if you have a terrible offense line, no running game, and your best receivers are hurt, it’s tough to play quarterback. Who knew? And now Geno is trading barbs with Rex Ryan. The Giants mushed a legendary streak by their franchise icon in favor of Geno. F@cking. Smith.  The situation could not have been handled more poorly.

Boone bomb

Rest in Reese

It’s a bit harder seeing Reese go, he was there for two championships. Respect. He had some great draft picks and he had some busts. But his fate was sealed with the Eli Apple panic pick and failure to address the O-Line. He also never drafted a linebacker fit to carry L.T’.s bail money.

Maybe Eli stays now. There’s talk of him starting this week. If they get the right coach in there who can turn things around quickly, Eli could still be the man. I think the fact that the fired the coach and GM right after this screw job will carry some weight with Eli. Mess with Eli, you gotta go. Though management surely played a part in the bumbling, I think the relationship is reparable if they hire a staff that can maximize Eli’s talents. Webb will play this season and if he shows promise, two more years under Eli might be just right. If he Hackenberg’s it up, then they can grab a new QB in the draft and move on.

Dave Roberts? Never heard of him.

I don’t think the Giants have to tear it down. Maybe I’m a homer. They do have a top heavy cap situation, so there will be casualties. DRC, Dwayne Harris, and Brandon Marshall are as good as gone. The Giants have two DEs making $17 million who get hurt a lot and don’t produce enough. One of them might have to go. Like the doorman at the orgy told me, there are lots of holes to fill.

Bad to the Boone

Most people remember Aaron Boone for the pennant clinching bomb off Tim Wakefield. That was a good memory for me. But it’s tainted, because my next memory is always that they didn’t win the World Series that year. And then I try to remember what happened the next year, 2004, but I can’t because I had that season Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-ed from my memory.

I remember Boone as the man most responsible for A-Rod in pinstripes. He blew out his knee playing pickup basketball and created a hole at third base. A-Rod was languishing on a bad team and the Yankees pounced. You owe us at least 3 championships for that one Aaron.

Yankees new bench coach

But I like the hiring, even though some of the reasons being cited seem flimsy. His honestly in admitting he hurt his knee playing basketball, instead of just saying he hurt it working out to save millions, was reportedly a point in his favor. The lesson kids; never lie. Honestly is admirable and all, but I’m not sure it makes for a great coach. Bill Bellichick probably lies to his dog. Come on Bellichick, we know Brady is playing. Do you really have to list him as “questionable” again? Boone has no experience, but hey, he’s a Boone. He’s been going to the ballpark since he was 3. Big deal. Give me something on the resume. And what a communicator! He has over 123,000 followers on Twitter, says the New York Times. I’m sold! Maybe they should hire Katy Perry for bench coach.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, who’s been speeding through life with no safety belt, one on one with the corner and no safety help. You can follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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