Grinding Ax Edition – March Madness, NCAA and NFL

Radnor, Pa – March Madness is in Full Swing!  Higher seeds are being knocked off faster than Made Men when Michael Corleone took over.  Faster than Cabinet Members in the Trump Administration.  Let’s not forget about the Free Agent Frenzy that’s compiling debt for the NFL teams.  They are doling out record amounts of cash for average talent.

Brackettologists are proving that they are about as accurate as the humans who picked stocks versus the monkey that John Stossel rolled out with a dartboard years ago on 20/20. Guess who won?  That’s what makes College Basketball fun to watch every Spring.  Gone already are big shots Virginia, Michigan State, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Tennessee and Arizona, to name a few.  Next week, only two of the four number one seeds remain. Villanova and Kansas will fight to hold serve in order to make it to the Alamodome in San Antonio.  Oh, let’s not forget those smug Duke Blue Devils and coach Dr. Detroit Krzyzewski who leads his one and done talent pool to the sweet sixteen. I hope this pimp gets taken out. It’s ironic that Coach K and Coach Cal(ipari) are drinking from the same flask nowadays.

The Battle for Meadowlands Supremacy is in overdrive as the Giants and Jets are making moves in an attempt to climb out of the swamp. Big Blue bid farewell OT Bobby Hart, punter un-extraordinaire Brad Wing and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie . They made their splash signing Nate Solder away from Dr. Evil Bill Belichick. They also signed linebacker Kareem Martin ( Cardinals) and aging running back in Jonathan Stewart (Panthers).  Perhaps this team should consider trading Odell Beckham while they can still get something for him. His off the field antics and on the field tantrums are not beneficial to a team trying to restore order.  I’m sure Cleveland would love to reunite him with Jarvis Landry and instantly have one of the best receiving corps in the league. With Josh Gordon, they can be called Jarvis, Cheech and Chong! Surely they could smoke the competition.

“ Please sign some linemen”

Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown?  Apparently the Jets have some kind of plan in mind. We just don’t know what that may be. They traded up to the third position to grab somebody. Bets are on a Quarterback.  I’m hoping that they pick Baker Mayfield. I just don’t see Sam Darnold making it big.  Josh Allen would be my next choice as he killed it in the combine, displaying the best athleticism of the group.  Josh Rosen would sell some tickets and put some hats in the seats, but the press in the New York may short circuit his genius. As we begin another week of wheeling and dealing, I’m sure there will be much more to debate.

In Rugby News-  Jordan Mailata, an Australian, has come to the land of real football in the hopes of being drafted by an NFL team  At six foot eight and 345, he just may have a shot.

Well that’s it for me. D.J. Eberle should be back from his assignment covering Amish Midget tossing next week.

Come back tomorrow for another edition of Ben Whitney. 


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