Rain Man Rant: NBA And NHL Playoffs, Marijuana in Sports And Arsene Wenger.

Who Am I?

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – The weekend is finally here, and I can’t wait to put my feet up. Last week, I said the  word on the street is that Spring is around the corner. I think I forgot to mention, and down a few blocks. I don’t know when it will get here, I just wish it does. In the meantime let me gets to this week’s piece and features the usual Song of the Week, followed by sports talk. This week sport talk will be about the following, NBA & NHL Playoffs, Marijuana in Sports and Arsene Wenger.

Who Am I?

Song of the Week: I  could swear I moved to Seattle and not Buffalo. It is so dreary and gray these past few weeks. We even had snow that last week. That is right it is mid-April and I was shoveling my drive and salting it. My brother, Mateo, was so concerned that I wouldn’t see the sun soon, he sent me photos from his home in Houston. I am not sure if that was real concern on his face, in those pics. What’s worse is everyone in Buffalo, swears “its not normally like this.” So with that as the background, this week’s Song of the Week is When Can I See You (again) by Babyface. It is a love song but it is my love song to the sun. Baby, I miss you, please come back, don’t stay away so long. I think this winter might have broken.

NBA & NHL Playoffs: As a kid, I use to love the 4 rounds of best 7 format (The NBA had 3 rounds and 1 round of 5). Now as an adult, I couldn’t care less, its just too long. Maybe a best of 3. I think this is why the NCAA title is a bit more appealing at times because you have to go 6-0, no room for errors. This thing is just dragging out. You have the Cavaliers toying with everyone but we know they will be in the Final, then you have the Warriors and Pelicans (what a name!?) already up 3-0. In the NHL, the Devils are proving they don’t belong and the Golden Knights are making every long suffering sports fan sick to their stomach.

Marijuana and Athletes: I am writing this on 4/20 which comes with its request jokes and etc. I literally didn’t realize it was 4/20 weekend until I got to work and hear a joke. Anyway, I open up the paper and what do I see, there is an article where former NBA and NFL players say 80% of athletes in their league smoke the wacky tobaccky. I think that is about right and I am all with it. Not because I am a pot head, I actually don’t like the stuff, but because I believe the drug does help with pain relief and when they have these players popping all kinds of pain meds to get out there and perform, it is ridiculous that they can’t take a less addictive and less harsh all natural medicine. I mean think about the amphetamines and opiates they must take over the course of the season, I mean I am no Josh Gordon fan but there must be some room in the middle. I know there are laws against it but the league is a private entity and can choose to not test for it.

Arsene Wenger Retires: The manager of Diff’s soccer team, Arsenal, is retiring. He has been the manager for 22 years. That is a very long time in the world of sport. My team’s manager retired after 26 years and we have struggled with the succession plan. Though he was a rival coach, you have to respect your opponent and he was an admirable foe, there were times when he we couldn’t beat them and they played some absolutely brilliant champagne soccer and times when the shoe was on the other foot. He was a worth rival and I wish him the best of luck and hope Arsenal don’t end up in the wilderness for too long.

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