Rain Man Rants: Mets GMx3, World Cup And NFL Fine Richardson

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I got a text on Wednesday that Diff wanted to swap Friday and Saturday with me. I thought “sure I have plenty of notice,” but then life gets in the way and now I have to really work to bang something out, so bare with me. I don’t know how I lost track of time but anyway, here I am and here is the menu for today. Today will feature the Song of the Week, followed by: NHL Draft, NBA Draft and Good News Update.

Song of the Week: I was trying to find a song, that hadn’t been selected before. Call me old and lacking creativity, if you like but it is tough to listen to a lot of new music. Maybe that will change when I get a longer commute and will need something to break up the audiobooks and podcasts. So I thought deep and decided on the one song I play ever once in a while and still love. So this week’s Song of the Week is Dreamers Disease by Stormzy. It is nice track about how he knows his big dreams are gonna save him.

Sandy Alderson

Mets Gmx3: A cancer has taken down the Mets GM and organizational cancer. That seems hard on Sandy Alderson, I know, but he has done a lot of harm to the Mets, not as much as the Wilpons, of course, but those two are a whole other novel. So now the Mets GM office will be led by  John Ricco, J.P. Riccardi and Omar Minaya and I am not sure who will be the main person making decision as all 3 have been GMs before but it will likely be a case of decisions by committee. Three seems like a lot but considering they will need to dig the Mets out of this mess which includes restoring the farm system and getting the most out of the trades for the arms the Mets do have, will not be easy. I wish them the best of luck.

World Cup: I can finally take a breathe. The first two weeks of the World Cup with non-stop soccer is a dream. There were games that had no business being as exciting as they were, I mean Panama and Tunisia was crazy for two teams knocked out of moving on to the Round of 16. Now we are in the World Cup’s second round, the Round of 16 and this is when it becomes single elimination. We get into extra time and the dreaded Penalty kicks. With no African teams, No USA, No Dutch and no Scottish teams, I guess I am gonna go with Portugal and Mexico as my teams. Portugal have favorite player and Mexico is the only North and Central American team left. One thing is certain, Die Mannschaft aka Germany won’t win it because the manager tried to go with a daddy’s army and got kicked out. Former winners Uruguay, Spain, France, Argentina, England and Brazil are still around. If you check out the bracket, one side is stacked with previous winners, while another is with upstarts. The next couple of weeks will be very interesting in the soccer world.

NFL Fine Richardson: So the morally abject NFL fined Jerry Richardson, owner of the Carolina Panthers, 2.5 million dollars for his sexual harassment and lewd behavior. He is a billionaire and the club is worth billions which is what he will get paid for it so save me the dog and pony show. This league acts like we don’t know who they are. I guess they are providing cover but what have they done about the Washington or New Orleans cheerleader scandals? That silence as you try and think about those scandals, is your answer. Oh and they still caved like some fannies on the kneeling thing and blackballed Kaepernick. So yeah great job on the fine or whatever.

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