Stay Calm Yankees Fans

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees have had quite a month of August. Injuries have derailed them but that hasn’t hampered them in the American League East Standings as they 8 games back and 3 ½ in the AL Wild Card Standings. So not much has changed since the beginning of the month. Sure, the Oakland A’s are as hot as any team in the league but does anybody think it will matter when the season ends. The Houston Astros will most likely win that division now that they have Jose Altuve Back from injury.

I know most Yankees fans are concerned with the injuries lately but it may be a blessing in disguise and here’s why… consider this like a long rest for some of these players. It’s always better to have everyone healthy but this is the time that little injuries become big injuries and sometimes the best athletes play through those injuries because they don’t want to let the team down. Right now, if everyone was healthy they would of given Giancarlo Stanton a couple days off to heal from a tight hammy. But they can’t because some of the important players on the team are already injured.

The biggest fear is that Aaron Judge’s injury is worse than expected but really it was misdiagnosed from the start. If Judge can come back and that’s still not a given, you get a guy back that no doubt will be rusty but won’t be as worn down from the long season. Gary Sanchez is someone that could turn his season around if he can come back and get hot at the plate. Sanchez batting average will still look like sh*t but this team could catch lightening in bottle if Gary can produce the way he has in September the last two seasons. Didi Gregorius plays like every damn day so this could also benefit him if he can fully heal from that sprained ankle.

The one injury that can haunt them is Aroldis Chapman because a balky knee is not good for a pitcher, just ask CC Sabathia. On the bright is that this bullpen can still be solid without him because you have 4 potential guys that can close games in a moment’s notice. There also seems to be a problem with David Robertson since they haven’t used him in 3 straight games but they haven’t put him on the disabled list and I trust the Yankees’ medical staff unlike those across the pond. Have Faith Yankees fans, remember it’s usually not the best team that wins the championship, it’s the hottest team going into the playoffs. If the important players can get healthy and get hot… Watch Out!

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