#Knickstape Forum: Whats The Fans Think They Want and What You Should Want as a Knicks Fan

SPANISH HARLEM – I might be the only New York Knicks fan on this site so it’s my job to talk about them as much as possible. Why you ask? Because I’m always looking for news to talk about and it gives me an opportunity to talk about my favorite basketball team. This team has been bad for over 10 years and though there is not much to be happy about, you should be happy that they are finally rebuilding the right way.

Most Knicks fans can’t wait to see this team be competitive, you may need to wait another year to see that happen. I have waited this long so why rush it when this team still needs more time to develop. I keep reading news about this team possibly making the playoffs since Lebron James left to the Los Angeles Lakers and I continue to ask WHY? Why would you want to make the playoffs? Is it because that could be more attractive to players like Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler or Kevin Durant. Please fans… just get that out of your head, if it happens it happens but I stopped assuming New York would entice players when Lebron decided that he was taking his talent to the Miami Heat. The Knicks weren’t good then and they are not good now, making the playoffs won’t change that.

Every time this organization decides to shell out money to players, it goes terribly wrong. The best way to build an organization is through the draft. So lets start there, fans should continue to demand that this franchise build and develop their players the right way, instead of lusting over players on other teams. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the opportunity to get Irving or Durant then you try your best to make that happen but the odds are against them. Be happy with David Fizdale because I am, he seems like a coach that respects the history of the game, how important it is to have a winner in New York. Be happy that they have two players in Kristaps Porzingis and Kevin Knox, who want to be two of the best in the game and have the ability to do so.

Another year of being one of the worst teams in the league could give this team the probability of adding another unique talent. The team is deprived of talented players and while I know they have NBA players on their roster, most of them would not get minutes on contending teams. It won’t be easy to go through another season of losing but it’s the only way for the Knicks to add young talented players. This team is still a work in progress and I like the way this organization has handled the past year since the season ended. As a fan myself, lets not get ahead of ourselves and allow this team to be what they are… medicore… at least for this upcoming season.

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