NY Rangers Offense, Houston Done With Carmelo, Todd Bowles

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: It is another lonely Friday night as I find stuff to talk about. I came up with a few, although Different Matt’s talk of the Rangers and DJ’s talk of Carmelo somewhat stole mine but they can still serve as springboards here. I also touch on the J-E-T-S, since I am the only Jets fan here. On the menu for today are NY Rangers Offense, Houston Done With Carmelo And Todd Bowles!


NY Rangers Offense: Until Diff’s piece yesterday, I didn’t know the Rangers were third in the Metropolitan [spit!] Division. I was going to write how I am impressed with the way the Rangers were scoring goals. They defense is not there yet due to youth and familiarity but the offense is looking impressive. The kids have to fore-check a bit more and work harder in the defensive third. In the attack, though, they are getting goals. Their goals per game average is up, so too is goals against, but again that is not my point. Previous seasons, despite having an offensive coach, they weren’t good money to get 3-4 goals a game. Now they are. Led by Filip “Lil’ Flip” Chytil, the second line is looking dangerous as dangerous as the first. I reject the noting that Flip should be moved to the first line. Let him stay on the man on the second line. His time for the first line will come shortly. Now we just need King Henrik Lundqvist to get some help and the Rangers might actually be ahead in Rebuild Year One and make the playoffs.

My ball!!!

Houston Done With CarmeloThe marriage only lasted 10 games. The Houston Rockets and Carmelo Anthony are going to part ways. It is fitting because it is now more clear that Carmelo is a cancer. He doesn’t know how to not make the team about him. Maybe DJ is right and he should go to the Hawks  – but why would they want him? He is clearly a headache and a guy that can ruin developing talent.  As bad as the Hawks are, maybe he would be a good fit.  Cleveland should also consider him because they need a scorer and someone to get people to watch. The Suns or Mavericks could be a possible fit as well. In all honesty, Carmelo should go to China like Stephon Marbury did and he can be the man over there. Maybe he can even get Chinese citizenship, like Steph too. The only way he can get his career back and even finish with a NBA Final and, god willing, a ring would be a complete mental makeover where he can accept being a bit player. He needs to join a team, become the 6th man and lead that second unit by being the scorer. However, there is nothing in Melo’s past that says he can be that guy.

Todd Bowles: I was going to apologize for the way the Jets played last weekend after bringing up Josh McCown. However, that was not my fault… that was on the players in green. They expected a Nathan Petermanlike Buffalo Bills and didn’t show up prepared to get the Matt Barkley addition. I am not sure I can blame head coach Todd Bowles for that. I have a soft spot for Bowles. Honestly, it would be nice to see one of the NY teams succeed with a black head coach, speaking as a black man. However, Bowles is struggling and after the last display, management is wondering if he is the right guy to lead the team forward. That performance made it look like Bowles didn’t have the team prepared and that is unacceptable. I will say though, for Bowles time at the Jets, he has yet to have a good quarterback. The best he had was Ryan “Choke in the Big Game” Fitzpatrick. I mean he had Geno Smith, Christian Hackenburg, Fitzpatrick, McCown and now Sam Darnold. Not really household names and guys you would trust to make a big throw with the game on the line. I hope Bowles is given one more year with an imporved 2nd year Darnold he can really compete., Maybe the Jets can finsih on a hot streak to keep his job. We can only hope.

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