Big Ben Whitney: Chiefs Defeat Patriots and End the Dynasty!

Dude, look at the guy next to you.

KANSAS CITY , MO – The Chiefs defeated the Patriots 28-24 on Sunday. The Pats started strong but weren’t able to finish. Tom Brady looked like a mortal and the team didn’t have enough talent to keep up with the high flying Chiefs. Did we finally witness the end of this amazing dynasty?

Dude, look at the guy next to you.

The ball bounced off Gronkowski’s hands and settled into the hands of Chavarius Ward. It was Brady’s third interception in the game, including a bad one in the end zone when the Patriots were threatening to run away with it early. Gronk could have made a better effort, or maybe he doesn’t have the ups of his younger days, but the throw was not on target.

The Chiefs had no answer for the Pats running game early on. But Andy Reid made the adjustment and stacked up big bodies to stop the run. And 41-year old Brady did not make enough plays in the passing game. The Patriots could only muster ten points in the second half, which wasn’t enough to overcome the Chiefs. The KC offense started slowly, but found its footing in the second half.

Young Patrick Mahomes out-dueled Tom Brady. Andy Reid out-coached Bill Billichick. Is the end of the Patriots’ dynasty?

Please make it stop

Sigh. Those could have been the storylines had Dee Ford not lined up in the neutral zone. We’d have the high-scoring Super Bowl that everyone wanted. Instead, we have to listen to two weeks worth of fluff pieces about Brady and Bellichick again. Curse you Dee Ford!

It’s a game of inches, folks. The post game narrative was completely flipped by where a guy put his hand down. Literally inches.

Clunky segue alert! This is why I like what Brian Cashman is doing. The New York Yankees won 100 games last year. They gave up only three more earned than the Red Sox and scored only 25 fewer runs. These two teams were close.

The Yankees didn’t need to give $50 billion to Machado and Corbin. They improved the rotation bringing in Paxson and bringing back Happ. The bullpen should be better, with Ottavino taking Robertson’s spot and having Britton for the whole season.

And with Didi on the DL to start the season, DJ LeMahieu was a textbook Cashman under-the-radar signing. He’s versatile, has a great glove, and doesn’t strike out a lot. Unlike the rest of the lineup. The Yankees can move him around until Didi comes back and be a late game defensive replacement for Andujar. They didn’t need a huge makeover, they just needed a touch up in a few spots.

Shame this guy never got on the field in OT

Oh well. Maybe the Rams are the only team that can end the dynasty, since they’re the ones who started it 17 years ago by blowing Super Bowl XXXVII (37, for our challenged fans). Kinda like how Frodo was the only one who could return the ring to Mordor to destroy it. Or something. Let’s get this game over with and get pitchers and catchers into camp.

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