Robert Kraft, MLB Free Agency and The AAF

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: I am exhausted. I had one of my busiest weeks ever. I am up late on Friday night watching TV and trying to type up a piece. I had the idea for most of t However, I am back now and I have three key things to get off my chest. They are: Robert Kraft, MLB Free Agency & The AAF.

Robert Kraft: I mean, what in the actual frogging hell?! First, we need to get the jokes like De-Flatgate II out of the way. But get this: according to Adam Schefter, Kraft isn’t the biggest name of the group of people that are charged… so stay tuned. But back to Randy Robbie. Kraft owns teams in the NFL and MLS, so let’s see how both commissioners deal with it. For those that don’t know, Kraft with charged with soliciting prostitution while in Juniper, Florida. Why are there day spa’s in Florida? That should send up red flags. Juniper is arguably the richest city in Florida, considering how many millionaires and billionaires have homes there. There was Kraft at a day spa or a as I say, forced-immigrant-prostitution-ring… “… tomato, tomato, let’s call the whole thing off.” Anyway, a guy that can afford to jet off to England or Vegas for legal rendezvous has some poor woman at the day spa perform a sexual act on him. It makes no sense because he could have gotten an escort and with his money you would think he would have a fixer take care of this. Come on, they must have a Ray Donovan type for this kind of stuff ?! I’m going to leave this here because the story is so fresh there are more twist and turns to come.

MLB Free Agency: This was arguably the most brutal off-season ever. It was slow and so many big names have yet to sign. I saw an article saying the players had started talking about strike since deals aren’t being made. Manny Machado finally signed, so that is progress but you still got guys like Bryce Harper and Dallas Kuchel waiting. I mean fer cryin’ out loud, pitchers and catchers have already started reporting. How much longer til some of deals get made already? I hope by the time position players have to report we can finally put an end to the off-season. I sure he will win out in the end but I think in the meantime, we can all enjoy laughing at Scott Boras, the super agent of baseball.

The AAF: I have watched their games, as I have been watching Major League Rugby. I saw a bit of the action when I visited my mom a few weeks back. America can’t get enough of football, so the AAF is good for that. Also, like all the other major sports football really needs a minor league of some kind. They had it with the World League then lost it. But a league made up of American cities that love football but don’t have teams is a good start. I also like the fact that the 8-team league has two black coaches. I believe that is 1 more than the whole NFL. Maybe they start doing well there and they can get NFL jobs? They are wrapping up week 3 and they seem to have a steady plan for growth. so let’s hope they keep doing well. I hope they keep the leagues in smaller, football starved, cities like Memphis, Orlando and Birmingham as they expand.

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