NBA Draft Recap, NHL Draft Preview, Mets Exhume Body of New Pitching Coach

OUTER RING, SATURN – So the USWNT won again, moving to the knockout round undefeated and now Angry Ward gets his wish to see them in Paris. You see wishes really do come true! With this spirit of optimism I will recap the excitement of today’s sports headlines. The NBA draft will be done by the time the three of you read this and so far its been a pretty predicable affair. Most importantly the Knicks didn’t f— up the layup given them and have selected RJ Barrett with the #3 pick. I actually have high hopes for Barrett to be a solid NBA player. Maybe he will actually stick around in a Knicks uniform for a long time, bucking the trend of jettisoning anyone they pick at the first opportunity Porzingis, Shumpert, of recent vintage. That would be my wish—Barrett becomes a home grown all NBA’er. He does have all the ingredients and even though Canadian he did hone his game on the playgrounds of Brooklyn. C’mon can we at least have this? Hopefully by the time I’m awake he hasn’t been shipped to parts unknown for an long in the tooth has been with his best years in the rear-view.

Coming tomorrow let’s hope this trend continues for the local boys with the Rangers also securing the empty net opportunity to select Kaapo Kakko in tomorrow’s NHL draft. Jack Hughes seems destined to go first to the cross river rival Devils bringing the rivalry back to the forefront of the NY area not seen since the mid nineties. Kakko looks ready to jump into the fray in day one and now with blueliners Adam Fox and Jacob Trouba securing the back end. Maybe he can become the big time scorer they have lacked really since Jaromir Jagr left town.

Onto the buzzkill or buzz-saw as it were as the ax has fallen in Queens. Not the expected and deserved removal of the boneheaded over-matched boob, Mickey Callaway, but instead the guillotine has chopped the head of pitching coach Dave Eiland. Huh? So it’s his fault the GM didn’t get him a bullpen? A classic Mets move that will accomplish nothing to turn the season around. Especially seeing they replaced him with an 82-year-old guy. Really? That’s who was available? A real innovator during the Eisenhower Administration! This shrewd move by the slick front office is actually expcted to pay dividends? The Mets really just continue to one up themselves with ineptitude. Its almost uncanny they’ve ever even sniffed a decent team with the brain trust and petty ways the Wilpons have employed. With that I leave you to dicuss the above or not. It’s a summer Friday and no one is reading.

Come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber with the Song of the Week and excuses for being late because his daughter has a new nap schedule.

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