Should the Yankees Sign Dallas Keuchel?


SPANISH HARLEM – It’s late and I’m tired because I just finished watching the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in game 3 of the NBA Finals but I’ll leave basketball alone this week. I want to talk about Dallas Keuchel, his name has been heard a lot lately with the New York Media. The New York Yankees are said to be front runners now that he no longer has a draft pick tied to his signing and while most fans would see it as a smart move, I’m here to play devils advocate. Why you ask… because I need something to write about.

Why the New York Yankees Should Sign Dallas Keuchel

If your a Yankees fan you know how fragile the human body can be to players, this team has seen its share of injuries this season. Though it hasn’t slowed this team down much, you can’t expect someone like Luis Severino to come from injury and pitch lights out. James Paxton has had knee problems of late and just came off the injured list, while CC Sabathia has a bum knee and could go back on that list at any time. That’s without saying that Domingo German is said to be on a innings limit this season regardless of how well he pitches. By adding Dallas Keuchel, you give your team and manager another toy to play with.

Keuchel may not be the same pitcher he once was but he never was a guy that blew you away with the fastball. He changed speeds and could throw that amazing change-up any where, in any count. I know because I have seen it myself, he pitches well against the Yankees and that comes off to me as someone that likes to step his game up against the best competition. I know it will take about a month to add him to the roster and he won’t come cheap but he you gives you insurance, in case someone in the starting rotation goes down or needs to be replaced.

Why You Don’t Sign Him

I know there are people out there that will look at Dallas Keuchel and see someone that is rested, healthy and strong.  He will walk into your clubhouse and become one of the best pitchers on your staff, you can slot him anywhere in your rotation and know he will provide you with quality starts. But what if he doesn’t… what if he is rusty and out of whack. He hasn’t pitched against quality hitting all year so what you makes you think he will come back and resemble the Cy Young pitcher you remember seeing. Nothing is guaranteed in this game and without a spring training to work out the kinks, how long does it take before he fully feels like himself.

Another reason has nothing to do with the Yankees at all, its that beard. Why would you dare cut that glorious beard, I can only imagine how difficult it is to maintain that facial hair. You don’t let something grow that long unless you love the way it looks on you, its becomes a part of who you are. I have a beard myself and I have gotten used to it, I love it and I don’t want to shave it off. Finally, what if he stinks without the beard and not worth the money that would come with adding him to your team.

Well that’s it for me, I’m done.

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