NY Mets, NY Jets and The Red Devils

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I have teams in every sport. However, there are only three teams currently in-season or pre-season. So today’s topics will be about  the three teams that are playing. On Today’s me is: NY Mets, NY Jets and The Red Devils.

The NY Mets:  So the Mets have won 14 of their last 15 games. They have accumulated this streak by beating up on the White Sox, Pirates and Marlins. Not an impressive group but you can only beat what is front of you and people praise the Patriots and Tom Brady for winning the 13 AFC East titles though the other teams have in rebuilding since 1999. They did face a good team in the Twins and in that two game series, they mowed them down. Last night was the start of a 3 game series with the Nationals who were .5 game ahead for the second and final wild card spot. The Mets had a come back win in the 9th, the first time they have comeback to win the ninth all season(if I read that stat right). What is insane about this streak is not the pitching, the Mets have the best staff in baseball. It is the hitting and who is doing it. Management expected Jed Lowrie and Robie Cano to be key bats in the line-up, instead it has been guys like Pete Alonso who took Lowrie’s job at first and Jeff  McNeil. You also have contributions from Todd Frazier (the best baseball Frazier in NYC) and Mike “Hot Mom” Comfort.  The other insane Mets thing I found out is that Bill Kristol, not the comedian Billy Crystal, the “intellectual” conservative journalist and author, is a Mets fan too. I mean sport really does unite us all. #LGM #Let’sGoMets. I know this may all end badly but let’s just enjoy the ride, let the cliff come whenever it does.

NY Jets: In the battle for New York Football bragging rights, The Giants defeated the Jets. What stood out to me was that I was wrong about the Jets new uniforms. They are easily the height of fashion in league. A perfect mix of past and present indicating future greatness. As for the game, the Jets back-ups don’t fill me with confidence when the Starters go down. However, the starters did look good and that offensive line looked surprisingly competent. That bodes well for Sam Darnold and the Jets attack.

The Red Devils: The Red Devils are the Manchester United Red Devils. Last week, I talked about their fall from grace and what to make of it. However, despite it all, I back for the start of the new season this weekend. They don’t get a cream puff team either, they face another team good enough for top 4 status, Chelsea. And just like how Man U are coached by a club fan favorite, Chelsea are coached by a club legend. What does this mean for the game tomorrow, no one is sure as each team didn’t have a great transfer season. Let’s see what happens from here. Come on United!!

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