Knicks Weekly: The Main Reason to Watch the Knicks


SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Knicks have started out 1-4, with a lost last night that was difficult to watch. Nobody shot the ball particularly well and though they were in the game late, the Orlando Magic made their open shots count. While you ask, “why should anyone watch the Knicks?”, I answer that with one name, RJ Barrett. He played his worst game of the season but as you watch these games, its hard not to notice how good this player is at his age. I wrote a little about him last week and after one game I called him the best rookie ever (not my exact words but you could tell I was pumped). Now in the teams 5th game I have had an opportunity to see a bit more and the more I see, the more I like. Let me break down what I have noticed.


As a Knicks fan myself, I can appreciate the value of defense and how it played a big part in the teams success when I was a kid. For someone that is 6’7 and plays the two guard, its unique to see because in most lineups he could played the small forward position, especially in this day and age of seeing more small ball lineups. He isn’t afraid to get in your face and positions himself well when he has time. By that I mean, when he is able to face up on you, he can stay in front of you. A quick first step has plagued him at times and some players have taken advantage of him on occasion. Another thing, the fouls have not been a big deal so far, you would think he would reach a lot and try to force the issue but no, he is patient and reacts well when his offensive player wants to attack. There is certainly a lot of potential in this area and if he able to guard other positions just as well, you will see them switch on defense more often.


What I can say?… In the Knicks first win on Monday, Barrett has 15 rounds. Yes, you read that right… 15 REBOUNDS. Let’s not forget that he is a natural two guard and someone that plays his position has no business grabbing that many rebounds. I heard a stat somewhere that stated he broke Kristaps Porzingis’s rounding record in a game as a Knick. If that’s true, then just WOW! (Take that you fake Unicorn!). He has a knack for the rebound and he doesn’t seem to fight for it much, he knows the angles off the rim and has a quick twitch for the ball. If he can get stronger and become a better playmaker, I can see him getting a ton of triple doubles.


Last but least, his ability to score is what gets your eye. He is fearless going to the paint and will bump his way there if need be. Everybody knows he loves to go left and he still finds a want to get to the rim. While some shots may look forced, they still go in easy. His touch is something you see from great finishers, the ability to take the shot your given and connect. As I wrote about last week, he knows the contact is coming and he is just waiting to see what your move will be so he can create. Its really special to see and it’s the main reason to watch this year as a Knicks fan. He has flaws but he is so good right now and that’s worth your time.

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