Monday Morning QB: NFL Playoffs, NFL Hirings, New Mets Manager

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! The NFL season is almost over but now prepare for two weeks of pointless analysis. I advise you all to avoid ESPN. However, I wouldn’t be doing my (volunteer work) “job” if my piece today didn’t touch on… NFL NFL Playoffs, NFL Coach Hirings and New Mets Manager.

AFC Championship

Well the fact that Kansas City, the number 2 seed defeated the Tennessee Titans, the number 6 seed shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise but there was still a lot of drama going into this game. Mainly it went down really to the coaches and people’s trust and faith in the coaches. On one side you had Mike Vrabel who is young coach (young in the sense that this is his first Head coaching job and he is in his second year) that has gotten his team to the playoffs by winning a couple of regular season do or die games and then while in the playoffs upset his mentor, Bill Belichek, and the defending Champs and 6 time winners and possible greatest dynasty ever and everything else, the New England Patriots. The Titans then follow that up by beating the Baltimore Ravens who were the clear Number 1 seed all season. On the other side, you had Andy Reid. An offensive guru and one of the best regular season coaches in the history of football. However, he was also one of the worst playoff coaches in recent memory. If there was a way for an Andy Reid coached team to choke, they would find a way. However, that was not the case yesterday and Kansas City showed resilience as they did the week before and more importantly 2nd half dominance to pull away at the end and secure a trip to the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship 

You may never again hear of a quarterback throwing 8 passes and only completing 6 and his team crusining to a victory. That was what happened out west as the San Francisco 49ers lead by Raheem Monstert‘s 22o yards rushing and 4 touchdowns (all 4 in the first half) cruised to a victory over the Green Bay Packers. For all the hype about getting a QB in Jimmy Garapapapalololo, it has been running the ball and good defense that has been the difference maker for the 49ers this season. The defense made sure Mr. Discount Double Check, Aaron Rodgers, was never comfortable in the pocket or able to find open recievers which forced punts and allowed Monstert and co to kill the clock and chew up yards. The team’s success makes Kyle Shananhan look even better for leaving Atlanta for the gig. I personally am still anti 49ers and NFL in general as I am pro Kaepernick so I hope they lose in Super Bowl.

NFL Hiring

Eric Bienemy

The racism of the NFL should never surprise and yet it continues to. Jason Garett has reappeared as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants, as Joe Judge, a Patriots position coach gets his first head coach gig as Giants Head Coach. Mediocre College Coach Kliff Kingsbury (I mean Cliff with a K) was hired to coach Arizona and same thing as Matt Rhule was hired to coach Carolina. Meanwhile there sits Leslie Frazier, the Bills Defensive coordinator, and long time defensive coordinator still waiting for his shot. Along with Eric Bienemy, the Offensive Coordinator for KC, you know the best offense in league. I don’t know what Frazier has to do to finally become a head coach I mean how many interviews does he have to go to and when is his resume enough. Meanwhile Bienemy’s offense is a juggernaut, but the knock is he is not the playcaller so that is an issue. So he doesn’t call the plays just makes sure they are executed to a T and makes the team impossible to stop. It is always something. I mean thanks for Brian Flores and all but I mean, Frazier and Bienemy are doing it the traditional way, the way that worked for Mike Vrabel and they can’t get a look in. It can’t be the right rabbi can it? I mean a reference from Belichek is better than from Reid and all of the past coaches, Frazier served under!?! I wonder what it could be.

New Mets Manager

I have talked way too long here so I will keep it brief. The new Mets Manager should be Walter Wayne Backman. Yeah, insane but I think he is the right kind of crazy to take over this team and insert the player’s manager type of personality it needs. I get the analytics and all but this team doesn’t need a robot, it needs a guy that teach players how to breathe through their eyelids and know when has more in the thank than the pitch count says.

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