Yankees Spring Traning: What To Look Out For

This will be a running article for me on the New York Yankees because there will be so much to write about as we get closer to the regular season.

SPANISH HARLEMSpring Training in baseball is the time of year where you get excited but not overly excited because the games don’t count and the best players will rarely play more than 5 innings or get 2 at bats, whichever comes quicker. It’s even worse if you love the pitching side of game. You may turn on the TV and BOOM, you missed your favorite pitcher throwing his 30 pitches. If prospects are your thing, then this is the time for you. You love position battles? We’ve got you covered. You want to hear about the new guy in town? This is the time.

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The new guy in town is also one of the best pitchers in baseball and given the amount of money that was spent to make him a Yankee, anything he does will make news. Like throwing your first pitch in pinstripes, which I saw on my phone the instant I started checking on sports. Because of him, the stakes are higher than they have been in New York for quite some time. The Yankees were championship contenders without Cole but there is a different feel this season. He makes the Yankees the favorite to come out of the American League and the favorite to win the World Series. That’s a ton of pressure for one player to have but I think he will deal with it well, JUST WIN.


I feel for this kid. He had a great year for a first-year player at the plate yet he was downright awful as a third baseman. Going into last year’s spring training, he was going to be our everyday guy, for bad or for worse. We knew he could hit but if he somehow found a way to be competent at third, he would be a corner stone for years to come. Then a crazy thing happened and his season was gone before it even started. Gio Urshela replaces him and had a fantastic season, there were those spectacular plays that we saw on ESPN and he hit better than anybody could have imagined. Brian Cashman tells the media that its Gio’s job to lose and here we are. There will be a spot for Andujar on this club with the MLB expanding their roster to 26 players but will he get lost in a shuffle if the players ahead of him are playing well. It seems, the coaches are trying him out in different positions, including left field and first base. Will that help him get into the lineup? only Aaron Boone can answer that question.

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As a Yankees fan, its weird for me to see the revolving door of first basemen’s over the years. It seems we always had a guy at first that we could count on and pencil into the lineup every day. Though not since Mark Teixeira have, we had a player that took over that position and made it theirs. Everybody loves Luke Voit and I would hope to see him take the job but can he stay healthy? Can any of them stay healthy? We just saw how bad the Greg Bird experiment ended and a lot of that was due injuries. Mike Ford had some really good moments when Voit was injured or is there someone else… cough cough… Andujar?

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