Big Ben: A Quiz – How Well do you Remember the New York Rangers Cup Winning Game in 1994?

STAMFORD, CT – There isn’t much going on around here that doesn’t make me want to borrow Spock’s ears and get in the ring with Mike Tyson. So let’s go back in time and have some fun. I recently re-watched the unforgettable New York Rangers ’94 Cup Winning Game 7, but it turns out that there was quite a bit I had forgotten. Help me figure out if it’s early onset dumbassia. Let’s play, How Well do you Remember Game 7 in ’94?


  1. What key NY Rangers defenseman got hurt in the second period and didn’t return to the game?

A. Brian Leetch
B. Sergei Zubov
C. Jeff Beukeboom
D. Doug Lister

2. What player scored two goals in the game?

A. Adam Graves
B. Brian Leetch
C. Trevor Linden
D. Mark Messier

3. Which Rangers player did not have two points in the game?

A. Sergei Zubov
B. Mark Messier
C. Adam Graves
D. Brian Leetch

4. What day of the week was Game 7 played on?

A. Tuesday
B. Saturday
C. Thursday
D. Sunday

5. What were the Rangers repeatedly complaining to the refs about in the last minute of the game?

A. Too many Canucks on the ice
B. Icings
C. Crosschecks
D. Pavel Bure’s breath


6. What was somewhat controversial about Messier’s Game winning goal?

A. He hit it in with a high stick
B. He kicked it in
C. He was in the crease
D. Messier probably didn’t touch it


1. C. Jeff Beukeboom left the game with a leg injury with about 12 minutes left in the second period. This was a big loss for the Rangers protecting a lead and they really had to lean on Brian Leetch and Kevin Lowe down the stretch. Sergei Zubov had some turnovers that luckily didn’t cost them. And Doug Lister and Jay Wells had to play key minutes.

2.  C.Trevor Linden kept the Canucks alive, twice cutting a two goal lead in half. The first was in the second on a beautiful shorthanded goal and the second was early in the third on a pretty passing power play goal. Linden had some chances to pick up the game tying hat trick but Mike Richter was there.

3.  D. Brian Leetch opened the scoring with a beautiful passing play from Zubov and Messier but did not crack the score sheet again that night. The stud defenseman was everywhere, breaking up plays and logging huge minutes. Zubov had two assists, and Messier and Graves both had goals and an assistson the Leetch goal.

4. A. June 14, 1994 was a Tuesday.

5.  B. Icings. The Canucks clearly slowed down retrieving pucks twice so the puck would cross the goal line and the refs would call icing. The second one Bure slowed down so much he surprised when he got the call. This gave the Canucks two extra offensive zone faceoffs that could have been disastrous.


6. D. Messier didn’t touch it. I think it’s pretty clear. Some people (hand up) think Graves got it with the wild falling swipe. Others think it only touched Canucks after coming off Brian Noonan’s stick. Messier’s stick movement seemed too late. But as long as it went in, who cares.

Mark Messier will always be on a pretty high pedestal for me. His hat trick in Game 6 vs the Devils is one of my most memorable games. If I ever see him around town, he’s one of the few athletes I would have to approach. But I think he must have known he didn’t touch that puck and he still reacted as if he did. Maybe he wanted a Cup winning goal on his resume.

That’s it for me. check out a guy who debuted for MTMs in 1994, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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